Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye 2008

hello 2009... Hard to believe that this is the last day of 2008. Where did the year go? It seems now that I am an adult and a working woman that they years just slip by quickly. I seemed like just a few weeks ago I was just learning to adjust from 2007 to 2008 and now we are on to 2009. It has been a fun year and a lot of exciting this happened and I learned a lot. I hope that 2009 is filled with more learning and more growing.
I am just going to put this out there because I think that it will hold me more accountable and I am not very good with asking for accountability so here goes. Andy and I officially started training for a marathon. We ran 3 miles to start off the training and will run 8 by the end of this week. I love training with Andy. I am not a good running partner but he puts up with me and makes me better. Only one of the million reasons that I love him. This will be a test for us. A test of our abilities to push ourselves even when we don't want to, a test of how strong we are physically and especially mentally, and the best part is that we are doing this together. So when you see someone out running in the next oh 5 months, say a prayer for Andy and I. You might just see us out there.
The race will be at the beginning of May and it looks like most of Andy's family will be doing some part of the race. Some will do the 1/2 marathon and some will do the full and it will be fun no matter what or at least it will be at the beginning. I am looking forward to how great I will feel, when at the end I can look back at all of my hard work. So wish us luck...

Friday, December 12, 2008

the Golden Cloggers

Today on my lunch break I drove on over to CSPC (our church) to watch a performance. Now this was not just any performance, this was the Golden Cloggers. I told you how Andy and I went over to Meme's house on Monday for my sewing lesson. Well as we were cleaning up in the kitchen I noticed on her calendar that she was going to be preforming on Friday at CSPC. I told her that since it was so close to my office and because I have never seen her clog that I wanted to come and watch. So that is what I did. They were performing for a senior (and I don't mean in high school) Sunday School Class that is at the church. I got there a bit early so I stood in the back until it was time for her to perform. You know what is awesome about the clogging group... both Meme (Andy's mother's mother) and Gigi (Andy's father's mother) are in the group. I have seen Gigi clog a couple of times, but Meme always had some reason why she was not there on those days. So today I got to see them both clog, side by side. I was not disappointed. The group is so much fun and you can really tell that they all love to clog. I keep telling them that they will need to teach me how to do it. I will have to put that on the list of things for them to teach me. Sewing, crocheting and now clogging. I will be a well rounded person when this is all over!!! Here are some pictures from today. I love these women!!!
This is an action shot. For some reason the picture came out dark so that is why it turned out so bad.

This is post show. They are just the cutest.

Me with Andy's sweet, sweet grandmothers. I look like a giant, I know. They are both just so tiny! I love you Gigi and Meme!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sewing with Meme

So, I asked Andy's grandmother (Meme) if she would teach me how to sew. I mean I really just wanted her to show me the basics of sewing to see if it is something that I would enjoy before I put down some serious (less than $100 I think) cash to get a sewing machine of my own. I don't want to start making my own clothes if that is what you are thinking. I think that it is evident enough that I need all the fashion help that I can get without trying to design and make my own clothes. I just thought that I would be a good thing to learn and that I could make some simple things for our home or maybe some little ones one day. You hear that one day, I repeat I am not pregnant!!!
At any rate, I got a call last week from Meme asking if Monday would be a good night for Andy and I to come over for dinner and then she could give me some lessons. We jumped at the opportunity, one: because that meant that I was not going to have to plan a meal and then cook it! Woo-hoo! And two: because that meant that we were going to get to hang out with Meme who we don't hang out with enough just the three of us. Speaking of that... Gigi and Granddaddy (I know you are reading this, you are probably the only people reading this) we need to get together for dinner sometime soon. Let's talk and we will work something out.

Back to the story. We had a wonderful dinner and of course she fixed Andy's favorite meal: pot roast with potatoes and carrots, fried okra (she saved some from this summer, what a sweet woman), apple sauce (that was homemade, yummy!) and rolls. What a dinner! Then Meme and I went upstairs to her sewing room to tackle that machine of hers. Well, when I say tackle that is kind of what I did. Meme was so sweet and so cute. She sat down at the machine and showed me how it worked first, then she let me have a go at it. Um, let's just say that I broke the machine about a hundred times. She never once got mad or upset. I totally blamed it on the fact that the machine just didn't like me. I got tons of practice threading the machine and fixing the bobbin thread. (Don't I already sound like I know what I am doing!!!) We had a blast and laughed the whole time, it was so much fun. The funniest thing that she said all night was at one point she said that her machine looked at bit dirty and that she should have a cover for it. I said, "Well maybe I could sew one for you!" She replied, "No!" I guess she did not like what she was seeing so far. I just about fell out of my chair laughing. I said, "Oh come on Meme, you aren't going to let me sew you one?" She said, "Oh I thought that you said sell me one!" More laughter ensued. Overall it was a really fun night. I learned a lot and cannot wait for my next lesson!!!

Next on my list... learning to crochet. I will have to ask Gigi to teach me that so that I can learn how to fix the holes in my beautiful afghan that she made for me as a my wedding present/ welcome to the family present. Gigi, until I learn... I need your help. I have some more holes that need fixing. I guess this is what happens when you use the blanket to curl up on the couch every night. So all in all I think that I am well on my way to becoming a seamstress. Just kidding!!

Here is a picture of my beautiful teacher!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

A new addition...

I feel like I am always making announcements on this blog... but tis the season I guess. I want to announce that our family will be having a new addition this summer. What a funny way to announce this on a blog... (scroll down!)

Andy and I will be having A BROTHER-IN-LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and you thought we were pregnant... silly you... don't you worry yourselves any Family. We will not announce it on here, first...

Our darling Princess Megan was asked by her totally sweet boyfriend to marry him. She said YES! So, with one word our family went from 8 to 9! Yeah for us, because she picked a really cool guy that along with Andy is totally capable of fixing things. I think that this is a very important a characteristic of a guy. It is so nice to have someone that needs no help when it comes to fixing things around the house. He also loves to hunt. This gives Andy a partner in crime so I can stay home and cuddle on the couch with my warm blanket and a cup of coffee.

I do have a funny story about Scott.

Scott is currently living at Andy and Megan's grandmother's lake house. I know that he loves it because he loves the outdoors and now he can hang out in the woods to his hearts content or at least as long as Megan lets him. Hee hee hee. Anyway, as I said before Scott loves to hunt and there is some land nearby that he wanted to go and check out and see if he could find and deer tracks or antler rubs or whatever you look for when you try to find deer. I should also mention that this happened a few weeks ago in some cold weather.(just a note: I have only been hunting once and was totally scared by a squirrel or something that I thought was hunting me when Andy left me alone and I have not gone again.) He got in the canoe and paddled across the lake (Melton Hill Lake: read one of the coldest lakes in Knoxville) to go check things out. I think that this happened when he was coming back. He got in the canoe and paddled to about the middle of the lake and for some reason the canoe got a bit tipsy on Scott and the next thing that he knew he was dumped by the canoe in the water. This is where it is important that you know that Scott was dressed for cold weather not for taking a dip in the lake. He had jeans, a jacket and his boots on. Well as canoes do it filled up with water and try as he may there was no getting the canoe to flip back over while he was in the water himself. He said that he tried to drag the canoe for a bit but the water was cold (read: um, try freezing) and he was starting to go numb. He ditched the canoe in the middle of the lake (I don't think that there was much traffic on the lake, per usual) and so he swam, clothes and all, to the bank. Then he walked over to this house that is on the point and met a guy who was wondering why in the middle of the winter and fully clothed, why Scott was all wet. Well, lucky for Scott the guy owned a paddle boat and offered to go in it with Scott to get the canoe and tow it back to the house. So Scott ran back to the house real quick to get changed and then met the guy to go pick up the canoe. I think that it was when they got into the paddle boat that Scott realized that they guy had a broken foot and had a boot on it and was not going to be able to help paddle to boat. So Scott paddled (like a bike) the boat and broken foot man out to the canoe. Then he tied the canoe to the paddle boat and had to paddle all the way back to the house. Needless to say when we saw Scott later that day he will still chilled to the bone and was only drinking hot liquids. I guess the best part of Scott is that he rarely complains about anything. I never heard a grumble or anything when he told the story. I would have been mad and probably crying. He just takes everything in stride. He is even-tempered and ready to go with just about anything that is requested of him from Megan or anyone. The number one thing that Andy and I love about Scott is that he LOVES Meg. Evey time they are together you can tell how much they love each other.

Megan and Scott, I know that I have said this to you already, but we are so happy for the both of you. We are happy to have you as part of our family and love that we can call your friends. Your wedding is going to be an amazing celebration of the start of your life together as you become one before God. It has been amazing to see how God has brought you together and we have loved seeing your love grow for one another. We look forward to a lifetime of memories together. We love you both!!!!

Here are some pictures from the engagement night!!! Enjoy!

The happy couple!!!

Meg's ring is so beautiful and I loved watching her yesterday because she could not stop looking at it.

This picture is so Scott and Megan!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is coming...

and we are totally not even close to being ready. Andy and I are making our plans to get our house ready for Christmas. Last night he was up in the attic seeing if we put our Christmas decorations up there last year. (We better find the before this weekend because that is when we are putting all of our stuff up!!! Eek!) At any rate, I was thinking about how much fun it is to start our own holiday traditions as well as staying true to the traditions of our families. It is hard to find the time to fit everything in with both of our families but it is important to us to celebrate with both. We love our families dearly and love to spend time with them!

This year my mom and I hope to do some baking together and I am totally looking forward to it. For some reason recently I have become more and more excited about cooking, trying new and in some cases old recipes (usually ones that have come from Andy's grandparents or great-grandparents!), and BAKING!!! I love to bake and until recently I had no one to bake for. In the past Andy has not been a huge fan of sweets but with all the running he has been doing I think that it has changed his mind a little...

At any rate, I hope to make this holiday fun and full of joy and I hope that you all do too!! Here are some funny pictures from last year.

Ha! This picture totally makes me laugh out loud. This was last year and I dressed Laney up as her father. She was not really happy about it and the only way that she let me take this picture was because Andy told her to come to him. She will do anything he says. She would not even look at the camera. So funny!

How cute is Nelly. This picture was so hard to get and I think that this was the best one that I got. Nelly like her sister does not like to be dressed up. She kept shaking these off of her head, but I just thought that they were too cute for words. What a doll!

Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


degrees. That is how cold it was last Saturday when Andy and signed up for a 15K. That is 9.3 miles people in 17 degree weather. Man, I was really cold. As we started the race I looked at Andy's dad and told him that my shoes felt like they were too big and I was not sure why. Since he is the doctor and a brilliant man (and he really is) I thought that he would know why. Um, yeah it was because I could not feel my toes!!!! The race started at 8:30am and we did not get out of our car until 8:21. So you do the math. In 9 minutes my toes got so cold that I did not feel them again until mile 3. Scary. Needless to say it was not a fun and easy race. My dear, sweet husband had been sick for 2 weeks at that point and I did not even think that he was going to run the race. He decided to tough it out and ran. We had said that we really wanted to run faster than we had the year before but when we got to the start of the race we decided that we just wanted to finish and not worry about times. The cool part is that we both beat our time from last year! Yeah for us!!!! The other neat part is that we both lived to tell the story... did I mention that it was cold...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 12, 2007

That was the date that Andy and I welcomed our goddaughter to the world. She was cute and sweet and slept most of the time. This is what Reece Bennett Watson looked like one year ago.

I mean seriously how cute is she. I was in love then and still am now...

Well this beautiful baby is growing and learning and just started walking about 2 weeks ago. Her parents threw her a totally adorable birthday party last weekend and of course Andy and I were there to celebrate with her. Here are some pictures of her big day. She had so much fun and only got fussy a little bit.

She loved the boxes!!!! She climbed on them and I think she thought that the box was the toy. So cute. Tori's mother baked her a bear cake and a tiny bear smash cake just for Reece. She dug in as you can see and I think that she would have eaten the whole thing if her parents had let her. Reece's nickname is Reecie-Bear so they did a bear theme.

This is one of her new toys that she loved. Tori's mom also smocked the dress that Reece is wearing. It was beautiful and had so much detail. Maybe I will be lucky enough to get one if Andy and I have a baby girl in the future... (read that: we are not ready for kids yet!)

Thank you Tori and Doc for a wonderful day. We had so much fun celebrating Reece's first year of life and look forward to the many in the future. She is truly a blessing and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Two shall become one...

Hi everyone! I have some wonderful news to announce on here so I will just get to it.

This is one of Andy's oldest friends. His name is Chris and he is a wonderful guy. Chris and I have become great friends since Andy and I started dating again. Chris had the wonderful joy of also hanging out with Andy and I on some of our "fun" dates in middle school. Chris wrote a song for Andy and I that he played at our rehearsal dinner (speaking of that... Chris I need to get you to record that so we will have a copy) and it was wonderful. At any rate, Chris got an email I think at the end of last year with a request from another young lady that he needed to take her cousin out on a date. It was a really funny email and Chris said, sure why not. So Chris met Julie...

and they went out on a date. They hit it off and have continued to date throughout the year. Well not too long ago I got an email from Chris telling me that he was really impressed at how much Andy and I have been running and that he would probably never be able to be a runner and oh by the way he is going to ask Julie to marry him. Oh by the way. Who does that? Chris. I have gotten to know Julie a little and I love her to pieces. She is an amazing girl. Well this morning when I got to work I received a little email from Julie that told me that they are...


Both Andy and I are so happy for them. We wish them the best and are looking forward to the wedding, but most of all we are looking forward to having a lifetime of memories with these two. We are lucky that we get to share in their life as they do in ours. We love you guys!!!

Here is a picture of her ring... I did not get to see it before the engagement and can't wait to see it on her hand in person.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


There is much to blog about. So much that my head is swimming. I hope to write about it today and publish it later this week. We are blessed... more than we know...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I know you will not believe it, but

I was the only West High School Girls Soccer Coach that did not get a card last night. Amazing I know. I have always said that I was the "mean" coach and I totally stand by it. Last night was crazy. We played Bearden for the chance to advance on Thursday to the Regional Championship. The game was 0-0 in the first half but shortly into the second half we found ourselves trailing 0-2. Not a fun place to be. Well at some point in the second half the ref called a foul that we though should be against Bearden (and after speaking with the Bearden coach after the game he agreed that it should have been our free kick) well the ref pointed in the direction that would indicate that it was a Bearden free-kick. Well it was at that point that Sonny threw off his hat and yelled at the ref that he needed to start making some calls against Bearden (we had not gotten many calls in our favor last night to include a hand-ball in the box by Bearden, but who is keeping count- obviously not the refs.) Then the ref went on one of his power trips. I was telling a co-worker this morning that it is as if when the refs put on that silly shirt that they wear, that they immediately think that they are always right and will never make an incorrect call. That is where I come in and believe that it is my duty as a former player to make sure that they are sometimes brought down from that high horse that they ride on. Hahaha Well this ref did not like what Sonny had to say, mind you he did point in the wrong direction and had everyone confused. He came over and told Sonny that he had heard enough from him and gave him a yellow card. He then went back out on to the field and pointed in the direction that would indicate that it was a foul on Bearden and a free-kick for West. This guy must have been crazy if he thought that Sonny would get that upset because he called a foul in our favor. The worst part is he is not the worst ref that we have had this season. Well the game ended and we lost 0-3. Totally stunk, but you can't win them all. The best part of the whole night came directly after the game. The other assistant coach, Celeste walked over to the ref to explain what happened. Now you must remember that Celeste deals with high school kids all day long and has the patience of Job. She started to explain herself, calmly I might add, and the ref on that high horse of his had the audacity to put his hand in her face and say that he did not want to hear anything from her. Well that was is it. I think that she called him a jerk, which I think that he totally deserved, if for nothing else, but putting his hand directly in her face, and she turned around and walked away. The only bad part of the whole thing was that she had her back turned when he gave her the red card, because I would have loved to see what she did when he gave her that. I guess I will just have to imagine it. Then later I was talking to some other coaches who happened to be next to where the ref was keeping his things after the game. They said that they heard the ref asked his assistant ref if he made the right call (I am assuming the call where he gave Sonny the yellow card which we have on video where he made the wrong call!) and the assistant ref, who I think had a little brown on his nose, said Oh yes, you made the right call. AHHHHHHHHHH It makes me scream. I hope that we protest the fine that we will get for the red card just because the ref was terrible. Not sure that will go over well but I think that we should anyway.
With all of that said, at the end of the night I was the only one left standing without a card. Bummer... I like getting carded...and I need to keep my reputation in tact here...hee hee hee...

Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay, so here are the pumpkins...

And here they are one at a time...




Now it is time to vote. Just click on the button below this that says comment. It will show you how to leave a comment and you can pick which pumpkin deserves your vote. Just remember what I said about most of you being MY friends and MY family. Hee hee hee! Just a hint... mine was of something that I am terrified of. That is why I did it. I like scary things at Halloween!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

One favor, please!

Okay, so the pumpkin contest went down last night. Andy and I invited our wonderful friends Emily and Jeff over for the contest. They arrived at out house at about 7pm and they brought their cute puppy, Gus, to play with Laney. Well not really play because Gus just had surgery on Monday and he is not allowed to play so they really just tortured their dog by bringing him on a play date when he is not even allowed to play. The funny thing about how Laney and Gus interact is that Laney "talks" to Gus the entire time that he is at our house. She makes this really strange almost howl, almost growl to tell him what he is and is not allowed to do at our house. Let's just say that she does not allow him to do much. They had fun though I think and Gus will have to come back over when they can actually play.
Well the carving got underway just at the Auburn game was kicking off, oh about 7:30. We took the pumpkins out back to do the gutting and then carved them inside while watching the game. The guys were so funny. They did not enjoy the gutting process, too icky for them I guess. Emily and I just got to work and come to think of it I don't think that either of us complained once... hahaha.
I have to remind all of you that Emily is considered a professional pumpkin carver in some circles. Granted those circles are small, hahaha just kidding Em. We all got out our patterns and got to work. I was the first to start cutting but not the first to finish. Andy and Jeff were the first to finish so they could watch the game. Then I was done. Emily, she took a bit longer then the rest of us. She did not finish until about 11:30pm. We were joking the whole time that she was going to still be cutting this morning when Andy and I got up for work. Her pumpkin is very detailed and really cool. (not as cool as mine and Andy's because we want to win you see)
I told Andy, Jeff and Emily that I would post the pictures on the blog (and one video if I can figure it out!!!) and this is where the favor comes in. I would like all the tens of my readers to vote on which pumpkin you think is the best and that will be the way that we choose a winner. I don't have my camera with me so I will post them sometime this weekend so check back. Just a friendly reminder, if you are reading this then you are probably MY friend or MY family so keep that in mind when you vote. Hee hee, I am not competitive at all I know. I really think that they all turned out well and I can't wait to show them to you!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the winner is...

To be honest, we have not had the contest yet. But bring it on! On Thursday Andy and I will be competing in a pumpkin carving contest. (let's just call it the First Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest- I will try to come up with a better name later!) There are only 4 of us in this contest and if you know Jeff and Emily and you know Andy and I, then you understand why there might just be blood involved... hahaha. Andy and I are very competitive (I think that is the understatement of the year) and Jeff and Emily are as well so to pit us all against each other might just not be the best idea ever, but we are sure to have a blast. Usually we do boys v. girls because there is nothing better when girls get the best of the boys, plus Emily and I make a great team and it is fun to trash talk the guys. This time, however, it will be Andy and me v. Emily and Jeff. The gloves are off and they are going down... I can't tell you what Andy and I have in store for our pumpkins, but I will just tell you now that we will not loose.

The contest will be on Thursday, we though fitting since Auburn is also playing (Andy and Emily both went to Auburn and let's just say that Emily kind of likes Auburn Football, just a little!) so we thought that it would be fun to watch the game and carve our pumpkins at the same time. I will keep you posted on who the winner of the carving is and I will take some pictures of the finished pumpkins.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I cannot get enough...

This is Reece. She is our goddaughter. She is wonderful. She is cute. I get to hug her and kiss her cheeks. Life does not get much better than that.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I am a Railsplitter!!!!

Well, not really but my brother-in-law is. Andy and I are heading up to Harrogate, TN to the LMU campus tomorrow because Jeff is getting is WHITE COAT!!! Jeff is in DO school (medical school) at LUM and we are so proud of him. We are so happy that we will have another doctor in the family (currently we have 3) that will be able to take care of us so we won't have to go to our "real" (read that not family) doctors. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and all of us will be heading up there to celebrate Jeff's accomplishments!!! The picture is of Jeff and his sweet wife, Danielle! We were in Sundance, UT and were headed up the ski slopes to do some Mountain Biking. This picture was taken pre-crash... I will leave it at that.
After we go up there we will head on to the game. We will see what UT will produce, and yes, I am a Volunteer!!! I bleed ORANGE!!!! GO VOLS!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At least it wasn't a red!!!

I got a yellow card last night. My first one of the season. What to say that it will be the last one this year but it probably will not. Just glad it was not a red (in reality it should not have been a yellow, it was a lame call by the ref-I barely said anything) because then we get fined $250 and how will I explain that to the parents...

***side note*** I do not allow my players to yell at the ref. I tell them that it is their job to play soccer and if they disagree with a call to keep their mouths shut. They know that I will back them up. It is my job and not theirs and apparently I take it seriously enough that I have been told to hush in just about every game that we have played.

***side note #2*** We were only winning 2-1 with about 12 min to go in the game when I got my card. We ended up winning 4-1. Yellow cards are looking more appealing by the min...just kidding...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am becoming a prude...

Yep, I said it. I think that it is true. The older I get the more I am offended with things. For instance, I am coaching a high school girls soccer team. They are fun and keep me young, but not from becoming a prude. They do exactly what I did when I was in high school... they act like they are in high school. Some recent examples of my prudish behavior have become apparent...

1. The songs that are played in our warm-up tape before our games should not have curse words in them. To be fair, it was not our warm-up tape that we were listening to the other day, but all the same I caught myself saying, "Did that song just say the B-word." The funniest part is that I occasionally curse myself. I know, I know that I really should not, but I am known to let one slip every now and then. I just don't think that having it played loudly over a loud speaker where there are high school (I am aware that they are not babies, but...) students, and younger siblings running around is really all that appropriate.

2. High school girls should not practice in their sports bras. Period. This concept, we will call it, of mine has not gone over all that well with my high school girls. For those of you that do not live in Knoxville, let me just tell you that in the summer I gets hot around here (read that as it gets to be over 90 degrees on a regular basis and it is always humid) and on a soccer field there is no shade. Now I understand that other schools may allow this behavior to happen, but under my watchful eye they will not be removing their shirts to practice soccer. You don't get to play in just a sports bra do you? Nope, I do think so. Plus you are not an adult so therefore I get to tell you what you can and cannot do while your parents entrust you into my care. (Those are some of my responses, and I am not backing down from them.) Mostly I just want these girls to respect themselves. I want them to value their bodies and their hearts. I hope that as I coach these girls that they will learn that I am here to help them grow into healthy, strong, independent young women. So on this issue, I am sorry but I will not back down and they will always be fully clothed at my practices.

3. Girls should dress appropriately at all times. I really hope that you don't read this as me being judgmental, but I know that it might come off this way. I just think that girls today are trying to dress like they are older than they are. They tend to wear shorts, skirts and dresses that are too short and shirts that are too tight. I know that I am not a parent, but I know that some of the items that I have seen some girls in lately will not be a part of my future daughters closet. As in point number 2 I think that girls should just dress more modestly. I have seen girls walk into church in tight and short jean skirts ( read barely covering their bottoms) and sit with their parents. When I was their age I had to wear a dress that came past my knees and with lace fringed socks. Now I am all of everyone coming to church just how they are and I am glad that they are there and I really don't want this to come off and a huge judgement at all, but I just want girls to dress like the YOUNG girls that they are. They will have plenty of time to be grown ups and do whatever they want. I just think that their parents should be keeping them young and protecting their innocence as long as they can. It is just scary to see middle school girls in belly shirts...

So those are some examples of my prudeness (not sure if this is a word)... and I am kind of proud of it. Scary I know. Part of the reason that I wanted to coach (can I just say that none of the above examples are of MY high school girls. They have all come from other sources that shall remain nameless and not just because I don't know the names of any of the people mentioned.) was because I wanted to make an impact. I know that I fail everyday at showing the girls who I want them to be and those failures are as a result of me being human. I just hope that they walk away from their time with me and realize that I care about each one individually and I want them to be better people when they leave. I want to impact their lives and try to teach them along the way from experiences that I have had both positive and negative. We will see if it happens...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Will you come pick me up?

I guess this post should start with a BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS thank you to Beth. Beth is a dear friend and mother of one of Andy's oldest buddies. She has the most amazing house in Hilton Head (same place that Andy took me when we got engaged, but that story is for another post) that we have now been to a lucky 3 times. I think that each time we go it just gets better, and Beth is so nice to let us stay. This time we went with some really good friends of ours and their beautiful baby Reece. Reece is also our goddaughter so it made it extra special that we got to hang out with her. Her parents, Tori and Doc, met us over there and we had a great time. This was Reece's first time in the sand and she L-O-V-E-D it. Unlike most babies she did not cry or try to eat the sand. She just wanted to crawl all over it.

I mean, check out that face. She was serious about "beach time"!!!

Then she would crash!

She was so fun and happy. Here she is dancing. What you can't tell is that I am singing some strange song that I made up spur of the moment and she loved it. Not sure that other people on the beach did...

Here is Reece petting Laney. It makes your heart melt doesn't it.
We spent 5 days and 5 nights at Hilton Head. Laney was worn out the entire time. She got to go running two days in the morning, and the days that we did not run I think that she was happy to sleep in. She would stay in the house while we went to the beach in the morning and when we would come home at lunch she would jump in the pool for a quick dip. At night, after 5pm, we could take her down to the beach to play. If you know our Laney there was not way that she was not happy with just some dinky tennis ball. She found the largest log (notice it was not a stick) on the beach and would chase it into the waves. It was so cute!! She would jump like a deer over the waves so she could keep an eye on the log. Here are some pics of her on the last day of the trip when we took her out to play one last time.

This is Laney anticipating that Andy would throw the log. She would get so excited and run circles around you. I just made me so happy to know that she was so excited.

Check out that face on Laney!

Andy made this look so easy. When I threw it, I could barely get it 15 feet away from me. It was pretty sad.

Then once she would retrieve the log she would not just bring it to one of us to throw again. She would prance around the beach showing off to everyone that was watching what she "found" in the ocean. Again, very cute.

We had a wonderful time and it was a much needed vacation for the both of us. There is just something about a vacation at the beach where you sit on the beach and read and have no agenda that makes life so sweet. We left on Tuesday, which meant that we were back at work on Wednesday. Boo! Andy called me Wednesday about 9am and said...

Andy: You want to go back to Hilton Head?
Me: Will you come pick me up?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do you know about the Egg Campus?

Okay, I know that I need to post some pictures from the beach trip that I will just tell you now was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I have a funny story first. Yesterday at practice this is the conversation that I had with one of my players.

Me: So Suzie (I have changed her name since she is underage and even though I got her permission to write this, I have not asked her parents!), did you ever find out what your Dad does for a living?

Suzie: No, I never asked.

Me: So do you know what your Mom does?

Suzie: No, not really, but I do know that she works at the Egg Campus at UT.

Me: Excuse me, what did you just say?

Suzie: She works at the Egg Campus.

Me: Did you just say Egg Campus?

Suzie: Yeah, why?

Me: Don't you mean the Ag Campus?

Suzie: No, the EGG Campus. That is what it is called.

Me: Oh my gosh that is the funniest thing that I have ever heard. It is not the Egg Campus it is the Ag Campus. Ag as in Agriculture Campus. Suzie that is the funniest thing that I have hear all day. The Egg Campus.

Suzie was a great sport. She let me tell the whole team what she said and did not even get embarrassed a little bit. I laughed and laughed. She is a great kid. The Egg Campus is still making me laugh out loud. This is one of the many reasons that I love coaching my high school kids. They make me laugh all the time.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beach here we come!!!!!

Well, Andy and I are off for a much needed vacation. I am so ready to get out of town and get to a place where we can relax and have some F-U-N!!! We are going to Hilton Head with some of our good friends Tori and Doc for a loooooong weekend. I am so excited. They are bringing their totally precious and beautiful baby girl, Reece. I am so excited to get to hang out with her and cover her with hugs and kisses. I will post pictures of the trip when we get back. So until I get back... everyone have a safe and relaxing Labor Day!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

We are the CHAMPIONS...

my friend! Yeah, we did it, she did it. The US Women's Basketball Team won THE GOLD MEDAL! I could not be happier if I had won one myself. I always want all of my friends and family to be successful and happy and I am always excited when great things happen to them. There is something about Kara that makes me just long for success and happiness to come her way. I think that it has to do with the first-hand experiences that I have had watching her dream and then working so hard to make both her personal and professional dreams come to fruition. (That word was for you, Kara!) If you have ever met Kara, then I promise that you have never met someone that works harder! She is determined, goal oriented, and passionate. She lets nothing get in her way and when she finds that there is an obstacle in her path she finds the best way to push through it and does not stop until she is finished.

Saturday was a thrilling day for our family. I went over to my mother's house and we sat on her bed, screaming at the TV, wishing and hoping and demanding that the US team pull out a victory over Australia. We got our wish. Not only did the us win but Kara played out of her mind. She sparked the team each time that she checked in to the game. She had 15 points, went 4-4 from the field, 1-1 from the 3-point line, 4-4 on free throws, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal in 18 minutes. She was perfect. I could not have asked for a better game. I have seen Kara after losses in college. I have seen the tears stream down her face and I wish to never see that again. I have seen the hurt of defeat and felt the pain that she felt each time. Saturday was wonderful. Saturday I got to see the grin from ear to ear and happiness dripping from her. Saturday I got to see Kara represent the US and become the best in the world. Saturday I got to see Kara become and Olympic Champion and see a Gold Medal placed around her neck. Saturday was a wonderful day!

There were doubters; and it has been said time and again that she was the last person picked for this team. It has been said that there were bigger names that should have gotten her spot. I don't think that those people have an argument anymore. Throughout the tournament Kara stepped up each time she was on the court. She sparked her team through her tough defense and smart play. She picked her times to shoot and when to pass. She brought an energy to the court that was undeniable. In my eyes she carried this team. She brought the passion that the rest of the team feed off of. Although I could not be there (and oh how I wish that I could have been in China) I was there in spirit. Our whole family was there in spirit! Kara represented us all and did a wonderful job. I am so proud of you, Kara! As your professional rebounder, you made me so proud and I could not be happier for you! I can't wait to see you soon!

Here is a picture of Kara that I think best represents her emotion on Saturday! I got it off the WNBA website and the photo credits go to: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images. Thank you for capturing Kara's moment in ways that words cannot!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I never try to hide the fact that my favorite animal is a cow. I love them. I wish that I had one of my very own that we could keep in the backyard. A couple of months ago Andy and I were given a deep freezer from a very dear friend. Since it is just the two of us we don't have a great need for it but thinking down the line (when we do have lots and lots of children, did you hear that Andy, lots and lots- hee hee hee) that it may come in handy. Well after we put it in our garage, Andy said to me one day; I think that we should get a cow! I got really, really excited and finally thought that all my dreams of owning a cow had a chance of coming true. I said, "Oh really, but where will we keep it? In the backyard?" For those of you who have not see our house, we live on maybe a half an acre and although our backyard is perfect for a dog, it would not quite be big enough for a cow and all of their... shall we say...poop! So for Andy to even mention getting one I was shocked. My questions were quickly followed by an answer that I don't even want to think about. He replied, "No Cameron, for the freezer. We could by a whole cow from the processor and put it in the freezer to cook with." Although I am not opposed to eating cow meat, I was floored at the idea that we would have a whole cow in the freezer. We have yet to get a cow but I was very disappointed that Andy did not want to get me a new pet for the backyard. Maybe down the road we can get one, yeah right...

So I told you all of that to show you these glasses that I found online. My mom bought these glasses for me and some my my darling friends when we were in high school. I loved them then but love them even more now since I don't have them to drink from everyday. The rule with these glasses was that they were only allowed to be used for milk and nothing else. Here is the picture of the glass.

They are so cute and I wish that I had a set now to drink my milk out of. I guess I will just have to save up to get them. They are just precious. Here is the link to where they can be purchased if any of you want to have some fun milk glasses...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

High School Soccer!

Well, the season unofficially but officially starts tonight. If you don't know what I am talking about I will let you in on the little secret... I am the assistant coach for the West High School Girls Soccer Team. It takes up quite a bit of time during these next few months and I know that can be hard on Andy and I, but I love getting the chance to make a difference in the lives of some pretty cool young women. I love teaching them to be not just better soccer players but I try to teach them to be better women. It is hard and I fail a lot, I know that. Luckily I have a wonderful husband that keeps me pointed in the right direction when it comes to these girls. They test my patience daily and I constantly have to remind myself that I was kind of like them when I was their age. It is really hard to imagine. It also reminds me that I am glad that I am not in high school anymore. That was not always a fun times and there was always drama, and apparently there still is.
The season is starting tonight and we will be tested for the first time. We have played in a few short games and then the alumni game but this will be our first test tonight from another local team. I am excited to see what our girls bring to the table. We still have a lot to learn but I can't wait to see them get out on the field together.
I will have to be careful about how much I talk about what goes on with these girls since I have not gotten any of their permission to talk about them on here and I don't want to have to unpost (I think that I just made up a new blogging word!) anything. I will say that I have an awesome coaching staff, of which I am very proud to be a part of. I hope that this season is better than past, we have set some goals and I hope that I can help this team realize some of those goals. I will keep you posted!!!!! Go Lady Rebels!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Update on Rhian

I just wanted to update all of you that have not yet heard. Canada won their game today and Rhian assisted in the game winning goal. I was really disappointed in her latest blog entry because she never gives herself any credit. She is an awesome player and the entire world needs to know about it.

RHI YOU ARE AWESOME... have I ever told you that before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Canada!!!!

All in favor of parent licencing say "I"

My faithful readers know that at my former job I was a Case Manager. I worked with children that were somehow involved with DCS (Department of Children's Services). All of these kids were there due to some sort of a "family issue" either caused by the parents or in some cases by the child. I worked with foster kids, juvenile justice kids, and adopted kids. It was a wonderful job filled with lots of joy, but at times it was a heartbreaking experience. What I came to learn about the occupation of "Social Workers" is that they are under paid and over worked. They deal day in and day out with emotionally gut wrenching issues and are not fairly compensated for it. You are supposed to be "On Call" 24/7 for your families, and at times have to make YOUR family take a backseat. It is so unfair to both the worker and the families they work with. Both parties suffer resulting in more family breakdowns. While I was working I had some wonderful kids on my case load and some wonderful families. Kids that wanted to be better behaved and really worked on getting along and some parents that really wanted to have a happy, healthy family. I was wonderful to be a part of. I also had some kids that did not see a future for themselves and did not want to try. There were also parents that were just trying to make it until the kids were out of the house and out of their hair and they did not want me to be around. I was the problem and they wanted me out of their home and life.
Today I was came upon an article that just about ripped my heart from my chest. This is one of the most awful stories of neglect that I have ever heard. This is where the title from the post comes from. All the time we are required to fill out a form and show proof that we are capable of driving a car, being an employer, teaching children, coaching children, giving blood. We are not required, however, by anyone at anytime to prove that we are DESERVING (yes I said deserving) of raising a child. Now, Andy and I do not have any children yet. I hope and pray that we are blessed with the chance to be parents, and I would be all for taking classes to show people that we will do our best to make sure that our children are raised in a happy and healthy environment. Why is one of the most important jobs in the world regularly overlooked? Why are parents allowed to have children in the most horrible of environments. It is unbelievable and heartbreaking.
The following story does show all of us that even with all of the horrible people out there, that there are some wonderful people as well. The family that stepped up in this article deserves to be recognized and honored for the wonderful gift that they have given this child. A gift of wonderful parents that give her all that she needs and a brother that even when he gets less than his fair share of his parents attention is willing to help his sister learn and grow. Amazing. What an amazing family.
I would like to warn you this story is a hard read. Hard in that it is a story about one of the worst child abuse cases that I have ever heard, and ends without proper punishment of those involved...

Friday, August 1, 2008

O Canada...

So as my faithful readers have read, one of my best friends is currently in China getting ready to represent the USA on the basketball team. What most of you don't know is that one of my teammates from college is also in China getting ready for the Olympics, but she is playing on the Canadian women's soccer team. Her name is Rhian Wilkinson and she is awesome. Rhian is one of the best players to ever come through the Tennessee Women's Soccer program and she is also one of the nicest and coolest people that I know. She has her own website that can be found here: . I am sure that she would love for you to stop by her website when you get a chance. I have read that she does not love to write the journal entries as often as she does but I love them and can't get enough of them. It has been a great way for me to keep up with what she is doing, where she is in the world and all of her fun adventures. The best part is that when she plays the US she calls us, "those Americans!" I think that it is so funny!
At any rate,I just wanted to give her a shout of from her old home here in Knoxville, TN! We miss you Rhi and hope that you guys do awesome in China!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures that I "borrowed" from her blog. In the top picture she is on the bottom row, third person from the left...

I love this one. It really shows her passion. As I said before Rhian is one of the sweetest people in the world but if you try to cross her this is what you will get. I think that I read that she was protecting her goalie and doing a good job I might add. I just wish that I could have heard what she said to this girl. You are AWESOME RHI!
This is the way I remember her. Go Vols. As they say at Tennessee, once a Lady Vol, always a Lady Vol!!!! Go Big Orange!!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can the bugs just leave me alone!!!!

Well if you are reading this blog then you probably know that I don't like to do yard work. Me picking up the sticks for Andy, that I mentioned in my previous post, is about all I want to do and picking up sticks is a rare, just ask Andy. Well, it is a long story mostly starting with the day that I was born but to keep things short here I will tell all of you out there that I do cut my mom's grass. I know, I know I am sure that you all know about how I told Andy that I would never cut our grass when we got married and he has let me stick to that. He cuts our grass and I sit on the couch. (It is not THAT bad but it goes something like that.) At any rate I do go over to my mom's house and every other week or so and cut her grass before it gets too high and she has to pull out a machete to get to her door. So on Sunday after church I headed on over to her house. I finished one side and had just started on the other. I was cutting an area that is really close to this tree and thought that a limb had scratched my arm. I looked at my shoulder and sure enough to my shock and horror was a bee. Did you hear me, I SAID THERE WAS A BEE! and it was sticking out of my arm (read: it stung me!) I grabbed it and squeezed it, threw it on the ground, pushed the mower out of the way (for fear that more were coming shortly behind this one and I did not want to get the mower trapped in a bee infested area- I think pretty quick on me feet don't you think!), and ran as fast as I could into the house. I yelled for my mom to get some ice. Once I had calmed down it felt like I had just gotten a tetanus shot. It hurt and I complained to my mom and then to Andy that night. The next day is was still sore and itchy and I had a huge knot on my shoulder and I figured by today it would be gone. You are not going to believe this... or maybe you will- I don't make a habit of being stung by bees but you might. This morning I woke up and my shoulder was still itching. I looked in the mirror and said to Andy, "I think that I am having an allergic reaction to this bee sting." Andy, knowing that I am not allergic to anything, said, "No you aren't it is just a sting." Then he looked at it. The rash that is now the size of a baseball and WILL NOT STOP ITCHING is surrounding the sting area. So like the drama queen that I can be I called my father-in-law who is the most wonderful doctor in Knoxville and asked him if my arm was in any danger of falling off. He assured me that it is not and this is something that can be quite common and the only solution is to wait it out. So all day long, I have had to explain to people at work that I don't have some crazy, infectious disease. I just have a bee sting. Have I ever told you guys that I HATE BUGS!!!!
PS: Doesn't that picture scare you. It looks like the bee is going to fly from your computer and sting you. My arm hurts just looking at it... and itches.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Night under the stars

Well, yesterday Andy cut the grass and to be helpful I went out there (I know, I know hard to believe that I would help do yard work) and picked up the sticks from the blustery storms that we have had (they only list like 5-7 minutes). I got quite a few and Andy told me to throw them over the fence into the backyard and he would burn them later. So last night we sat outside on our patio and Andy built a fire in the little fireplace thingy that we have "borrowed" from his parents. I was a lovely evening and I didn't want it to end. The temperature was wonderful (I don't like to be cold) and with the exception of the smoke blowing in my face at one point I could have stayed out there forever. I hope that all of you get a chance to spend some time with the ones that you love!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am a die hard Monarchs Fan!

Most of you know that one of my very best friends plays in the WNBA for the Sacramento Monarchs. Well, thank goodness the WNBA decided this past off-season to put a team in Atlanta, GA called the Dream. This is great for me because that means that when Kara comes to play the Dream in Atlanta, it is only a 3 hour drive for me to watch her play. I miss watching her play. I hardly ever missed a Lady Vol game when we were in college. At any rate that is not part of this story. On Monday, my mom called me to remind me that Kara would be in Atlanta the next game. So what did we do. We asked off work and woke up early and headed down to Atlanta for the game that was at 11am. That means to the Monarch players if felt like 8am. I don't think that any of them have played that early in years. They did awesome and dominated the Dream. Kara as usually played awesome. Here are some pics of the game and us after. Oh and by the way I am wearing a Monarch's shirt that has Kara's number on the front and back and her name on the back. I told her that when I am around her in that shirt I feel like such a stalker. Especially when I am snapping pictures of her. She laughed at least I am a friendly stalker...
Kara in action... she had 13 points on the day... what a stud!
Me and Kara in her hotel room. The hotel, arena and CNN center are all connected and the Olympic park was right across the street. Pretty sweet set up! Too bad they were only there one night...
My mom and Kara. Can you tell that my mom loves Kara. When Kara was in college people would ask my mom if she was Kara's mom. She would say, "I am her Knoxville Mom." So sweet!
It was so good to see Kara and get a chance to watch her play. We will not get to see her again before the Olympics but she promised to send us her new USA shirts (they are similar to the shirt that I have on only they are for the USA team, again I will look like a stalker, but that is okay with me) and we will wear them proudly for each game! We love you Kara and miss you! Good luck in China!!!!

UTAH 2008

The Broome extended family minus Andy took a trip this July to Utah. We got to stay in a beautiful house in Heber City, Utah which (for all you geography majors out there) is in between Park City, UT and Sundance, UT. The trip was a ton of fun although I dearly missed not having my husband there with me. Here are some of the pictures from out trip.

This was taken at the Olympic Training Facility near Park City. Those ramps to the right are the ramps that the skiers go down and do all of their flips and turns and land in the swimming pool. Those black things in the pool create air bubbles (lots of them) in the water to break the surface of the water for the skiers. The really tall ramp in the middle can allow the skiers to jump as tall as the building that should be to the left but was cut out of the picture. I think that it was 3 stories tall. Pretty high and pretty scary. I am not sure that I could jump off one of those ramps, much less on skis.

This was our mini-hike for the day. I forget what the name of it was but we walked all over these springs and it was really pretty. This is the fam... from left to right... Amy, Megan, Cally, Danielle, Jeff and Bill.

These pictures are from the "real" hike that we went on that day. We hiked up to Scout Falls and it was beautiful. It is amazing how different the mountains look out West. We packed out lunch and ate on the trail. Fun, fun, fun!!!
Then we went Mountain Bike Riding (I don't know if that is supposed to be two words or one so there you go!) I loved this part. It was scary and slightly dangerous. I have never done anything like this before and it was so neat. The mountains look so different without snow on them. We went up the the Sundance ski resort and they let you take bikes to the top of a run and then they have runs that you can go down that are different sill levels. Lets just say that the beginner was not really a beginner...

Jeff, since he was the expert on this part of the trip, found this great trail. The first picture is of Bill and his girls taking a break on the trail. The next one is of Jeff, Cally, Megan and Bill at the spot where we stopped to take some pictures. This view was amazing and totally breathtaking. In the third picture Bill was trying to get a picture of us jumping. Obviously we were not very good at it. The last picture is of the sisters that never fight, and I really mean that honestly. They never fight. Crazy...

The trip was amazing and I have to thank my husband's parents (Amy and Bill) for planning it and taking us on this trip. You guys are wonderful. Now Andy and I are trying to plan a trip back to this area for a winter ski trip!!