Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lillian Hayes Broome

I wanted to sit down and write Lillian's birth story while it is still fresh in my mind. She is an amazing baby and I fall more in love with her each day. I know that people have said it before but my heart just explodes with love for her. She is the most amazing person on the planet. Here is the story on how she arrived.

My birth plan had always been that I wanted to go into labor on my own and that I wanted to have a natural birth, meaning I didn't want to have any pain medication. I had a couple of reasons, one I knew that it was safer for the baby and two because I had back surgery 9 years ago and was concerned with how the epidural would work. I discussed all of my concerns with my doctor and she was great. She told me that I should not worry about the epidural but was completely supportive of me wanting a natural childbirth.

About 2 weeks before my due date Lily was still sitting really high and had not dropped yet. This was a little concerning so Andy and I decided that we (well me really) were going to try walking every night to see if we could get her to drop. When we went back to the doctor the following week not only had she dropped I had started to dilate. It was such a dramatic change that my doctor thought that I might not make it to my due date or my next doctor's visit.

Andy and I left the appointment and started to get everything ready. We made sure that our bags were packed and started to time contractions every time that I felt them. The contractions would come and go. They were anything from 7 - 30 min apart. I about drove myself crazy. I was tired of being pregnant and the unknown factor of when she was going to come was so exciting and scary at the same time. My doctor's prediction was not correct and we made it to the next doctor's appointment that was the day before my due date. We had a very frank conversation about how she didn't really want me to go longer than 41 weeks. That would be the day after Thanksgiving. I really wanted to make sure that she was going to make it to my delivery and with the holiday the following week I was concerned that she would not be able to make it. After talking about what our options were we decided that if she did not come by the following Monday that we would be induced on that day.

I left the appointment praying that Lily would come over the weekend so that we would not have to worry about being induced. We also decided to go about our weekend like we normally would and even went to the last football game of the season! Yes at 40+ weeks pregnant I went to the UT vs. Vandy football game. Lucky for us my office gave us a parking pass just outside of the stadium so I didn't have to walk far and if I did go into labor we could get out pretty quickly. I made it through the whole game and even the overtime. It was so much fun and I am really glad that Andy and I got to go to the game together. Our last game as non-parents!!! On Sunday it did not look like the little one was going to make her appearance so we took the day to rest and get ready for our induction the following day. We were so sad that we missed our family Thanksgiving in the mountains but we wanted to be close to home just in case as well as get some rest before our lives were going to completely change the following day.

We ate our "last meal" because I was not going to be allowed to eat after 12pm and we had no idea what time she would arrive the following day. We were nervous, excited and a little scared about what was going to happen the following day.

I will finish the birth story in the next post since this one has been a novel!!!

love always,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

being pregnant

Today I am going to be thankful for being pregnant. I have had it pretty easy once we go past the terrible morning sickness (6 weeks to 14 weeks) that was pure misery. I have tried my best to stay active and all that jazz and have really had fun being pregnant. I think about a week or so ago I finally "felt pregnant" and for those of you that have been pregnant you know what I am talking about. It is the time where the baby squishes everything and you cannot get comfortable no matter how hard you try. Sleeping is pretty non-existant (I hear that is just prep for after the baby arrives!) and all you really want to do IS sleep. Luckily for me it has not lasted that long and before we know it our little one is going to be here and I will get to snuggle and kiss all over her face. I am so excited to see what she looks like. It is like the worlds greatest Christmas present and in less than a few days we will get to see her!! I wonder who she will look like, who she will act like and I cannot wait to see her with Andy for the fist time. It is going to be awesome! I will make sure to let you know as soon as she gets here!!!

love always,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Emerson Jane

Today I am thankful for Emerson! Emerson made me an Aunt on September 28, 2011. She is so sweet, so snugglely (sp?) and I love her so much. She is really a doll baby. The day she was born I was not able to go and see her at the hospital and I cried. So sad I know. I wanted to be there, but I was trapped at work and then I had a soccer game. I got to go and visit her the next day it was wonderful. I walked into the room and Danielle handed her to me. When I looked down at her she smiled and I melted right there. This kid is amazing and I love her so, so much. I can't wait for Baby Lily to get her so she can hang out with such a cool kid.

love always,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It is so hard when you don't feel well to feel thankful. I wish that I could have a better attitude today but I just feel yucky. I think I came down with a cold and I feel so pregnant and the two just don't go together. So for today, I am thankful that I get to go home tonight and rest. I can't wait to sit down on the couch and rest. I guess I am really thankful that I have a warm house to go home to with a couch that I can rest on and a coffee table that I can put my feet on. That is what I am thankful for today.

love always,

Friday, November 4, 2011


photo found here

Today I am thankful for Fall. Normally I dread this time of year. I know that it is getting colder and I just think about how I am not sure I am going to make it through another winter. I am a summer girl through and through. I am trying to like Fall and today I am going to be thankful that I live in an area that has all 4 seasons. I love football time and going to tailgates and UT football games. I love that I get to see my best friend from college on TV because basketball season has started. I love the smells and the beautiful trees. I am going to focus on the great things about this season and not wish that we could just get through it and on to Spring.

love always,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

BHS Soccer Team

Ugh, day two and I have already missed a day. I have a good reason. I was down in Chattanooga with the BHS Girls Soccer Team. We made it to the State Tournament and our first game was yesterday. Unfortunately we did not win so our season is over but the girls had a great year and I am so proud of them.

Mostly, I am THANKFUL for those girls. I feel so lucky to get the opportunity to coach at Bearden. The girls teach me so much each year. I know I make them mad, heck, sometimes they make me mad :), but I would not trade it for the world. More often they make me laugh. They are all so silly and have great hearts. I am sad that this season is over, but I think that their season was amazing. We did not have the most skilled players in each position and yet we managed to play with enough heart to make it all the was to the State Tournament. I am so, so proud and thankful for them. Thanks girls and especially the seniors for a wonderful year. I am going to miss you guys!

love always,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving

I am going to dust off the old blog today and start a November tradition on here. I hope that I will be able to do this everyday, but since Baby Lily will be here sometime this month I may miss a few days. *grin* I am going to do my best to post each day about something that I am thankful for. So for today here we go...

Today I am thankful for these sweet girls. Andy and I are so lucky to have 2 of the sweetest dogs on the planet. I caught them lying down together the other day (without being bribed) and I snapped this picture to send to Andy (sorry for the quality, my camera phone is terrible). Laney and Addie are just wonderful and I can't imagine my life without them. I know that their world is about to be turned upside-down but I hope they know how much we do love them.

love always,