Thursday, February 23, 2012

sunny day

A few weeks ago we had a really sunny day. It was cold but sunny so I propped Lily up on our dining room table for a little photo shoot. I was there the whole time and she didn't move from where I put her so it was not dangerous. I love this first picture. Not sure why and I wish my hand was not in the picture but I just love it so much. This one is to prove that we have a little red head on our hands. Please take note of her little rat tail. Gosh I love this girl.
That is all I have today. I hope that everyone is having a great day!

love always,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3 months

Sorry for taking my little blogging break. I didn't know how busy I would be taking care of my little one and enjoying my maternity leave. I am however back at work and missing my little girl everyday. I thought that I would update you on Miss Lily. Here she is at 6 weeks old. My little newborn. Looking back I can't believe she was that tiny. Here she is on her 8 week birthday. I made her that little skirt that Andy said was too short. Ha!

Here is my sweet baby girl at 12 weeks! I can't believe that I had this little angel 3 months ago. In some ways it seems like just yesterday and then in other ways I don't really remember her not being in our lives.

Lily is doing wonderful. She is growing so much and is finally looking more like a baby and less like a newborn. She is getting chunky and adding some rolls. She smiles all the time except when you put a camera in her face. She is not sleeping though the night yet and still has some rough nights which is particularly hard on Mom and Dad. She loves her swing and still sleeps there most of the time. She just started reaching and grabbing on to things and now loves to cuddle her lovey that Gigi and Granddaddy gave to her. She is almost out of her 0-3 months clothes but she is kind of short so she can still get away with wearing a few of them. She is getting more alert and loves to have someone sing to her. Usually I just make up songs with her name in them and she smiles when you sing her name. She loves to hang out and play with her dad. She loves to talk and will chat up a storm if you ask her questions.
Lily has been such a blessing to our family. We love her so much and just think that she is the cutest baby in the world.

love always,