Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wedding Pictures

So, my dear sweet bother-in-law and his super cute wife were married a million years ago! Well, not really a million, more like 4, but forever is forever, right! Ha!

Anyway, they got married 4 years ago and let's just say they were not totally happy with their wedding pictures. They looked so adorable on their wedding day and we were all so sad that they did not have all the sweetness, love, and bliss captured forever in pictures. Danielle was a great sport about the whole thing and has never really acted like it bothered her too much. Recently though, she had the chance to apply herself and Jeff to be models for a photography workshop and she WON! They got to get all dressed up, Danielle in a wedding dress (I kind of wish that she could have worn hers, but you can't have everything!) and Jeff in a tux. They got to go through the all of the traditional wedding pictures including feeding each other cake! The pictures turned out A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and I am so happy that they finally get to have some pictures that they love!

So, hop on over to this website and check out Jeff and Danielle! They are so cute, adorable and such good models. If their current careers don't work out... they can always model!!! ;) Love you guys!

love always,