Friday, May 20, 2011

Name Changes!

I have been waiting for what seems like forever to write this blog post. I have some SUPER EXCITING news to share.

Andy and I are going to become and Uncle and and Aunt! We are so excited and cannot wait to meet the little GIRL!!! Yep, that is right, Danielle and Jeff (really more Danielle than Jeff) are going to have a baby girl and they are due at the end of September! I have always wanted to be an Aunt and considering I don't have brothers or sisters I have to rely on Andy's siblings to make my dreams come true! Here is a cute little picture of Danielle and her little girl. That bump is just so cute!!!

The second exciting news that I want to share is that Andy and I are going to have to change our names twice. First we will become Uncle and Aunt and then we will become DAD and MOM!

That is right people ANDY AND I ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! We are over the moon excited. Currently we are about 14 weeks along and I am feeling much better. I will do and entirely separate post on my first trimester, but I just wanted to put it out there that we are pregnant. Unlike Jeff and Danielle we do not know what we are having yet. Danielle is about 7 weeks ahead of me so that puts her at about 21 weeks. Our due date is November 18, 2011.

It has been so much fun sharing this experience with Danielle. I know that it is going to be some much more fun in the next few months as we both continue walk this path together and I stop being so sick!
I wanted to show a picture of the two of us together with our little ones! We are so cute, aren't we! haha, I sprung this picture on Danielle last time we were at the Broome's house. Neither of us were picture ready but Danielle always looks cute. Me I just look a mess!

So there we have it folks. Two little ones on the way and they will both be here before the end of the year. Yay for babies!!!

love always,

Monday, May 9, 2011

the storm

Sorry I have been away for so long. I have so many stories to update you on but we will start with the night that Andy, Jeff, Emily and I almost died. It was crazy.

Some of you know that Andy, Jeff and Emily ran in the Louisville Marathon and I ran the MINI Marathon (half marathon) on April 30th. (I will save the details for another post!) Well as usual the week before your race you are tapering where you are running less and less and not quite as fast. This is to let your legs rest and be ready for your big race. Well the Monday before the race we decided to meet at the Boulevard and run a slow 3 miles. We decided when we got there that we were all going to run together and thank goodness we did.

On a side note, as Andy and I were pulling into the parking lot we heard on the radio that there was a storm coming but it was in the Greenback community. We even talked about for a minute that we are pretty far away from Greenback and were not worried at all. When we got out of the car we could see dark clouds across the river, but were still not worried. I have run on the Blvd plenty of times where it was raining and storming across the river and it would not rain where I was.

So the 4 of us started our run. We were running slow and chatting the whole time. One of the really great features of the Blvd is that they have every .25 mile marked. As the run progressed we made it to the .75 mile marker and it started to sprinkle, but it was huge rain drops. We kind of laughed to each other that we were going to get wet. We did pass a ton of people at this point that were running the other direction telling us that they decided to turn around, but we continued running. As we made it to the 1 mile marker the lightning across the river was getting really bad and it started pouring, and yet we kept running.

We did not even make it to the 1.25 mile marker when we realized we were in trouble. We ran to this one place on the trail that has some trees that create a canopy. Just about that time a huge bolt of lighting struck and it sounded like it was on top of us. I yelled (because it was raining so hard) at Andy and Emily to not stop under a tree! We decided to keep running away from our cars towards the baseball fields because the fields were closer to where we were and we figured that we could stay in on of the dugouts until the storm passed.

The next .25 miles were pretty scary. As we ran as fast as we could, as the wind pushed up to run faster, with trees and branches cracking and breaking all around us. We had to run from one side of the street to the other away from as many large trees as we could because we were afraid that they would fall on top of us. At one point I looked over at some huge trees and their branches were bent so far over that the top of the tree was almost touching the ground. There were small branches falling all around us and the streets were just one big puddle. As we turned into the baseball field parking lot it started to hail. Luckily for us it was just the size of marbles and not the baseball size stuff that we would see a few days later.

All four of us made it to the dugout that was made of concrete and wood so we felt pretty safe even though the entire field was surrounded by a chain link fence. With the lightning and thunder crashing all around us and the rain coming down in sheets the four of us were at a loss for words. We stayed in the dugout for about 20 minutes or so until the rain stopped and the sun came out.

When we walked towards the parking lot of the baseball fields it was then that we first saw the destruction. Two huge trees crashed down on one of the fences that separated the parking lot and the home next door. We looked over the fence and saw a few more huge trees down in the backyard. When we made it up to the street we were all in shock. One tree had pulled down the power lines and other trees covered driveways. It seemed like none of the trees that fell were small. It seemed like they were all huge 100+ year old trees, blown down like they were toothpicks. As we started back to our cars we got to the canopy where Andy and Emily had stopped and one of those trees had fallen across the path. I was so glad we decided to go on to the dugout.

When we made it to the 1 mile marker we saw one of the largest trees I have even seen on its side blocking the road. Andy walked over to the roots and it was probably about 2 feet taller than he is. It was another massive tree just toppled over.

We made it back to our cars, soaking wet and covered in leaves, but we were safe. We all talked about how lucky we were that none of us were hit by anything. Not one little branch hit a single one of us. Even the hail was not that bad. We were so lucky and were able to get in out cars and drive home with an amazing story to tell. It was a run that I don't think that any of us will ever forget!

love always,