Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey Dog!

I have not posted on the Lovely Little Laney in some time and thought that you guys might like an update. What a sweet, sweet girl she is most of the time. She still LOVES her daddy most, but I like to think that I come in a close second. We have been taking her running almost twice a week and then usually for a swim on the weekends. I know what you are thinking. Yes, it has been terribly cold in K-town, but this pup does not mind. She still loves to swim in the dead of winter and Andy even took her one day when there was ice near the shore. She did not even think twice before plunging her head and the rest of her body into the cold water.

One thing that she has been doing lately is pretty funny and only because Andy and I have a good sense of humor about it. The other morning I got up and Andy was still in bed. I went and took my shower and when I got out I noticed that Laney was not beside the bed on Andy's side. Not thinking too much about it I peeked my head in the office to see if she was on her bed there, but she wasn't. So I walked towards the living room noting that the door to the backyard was closed and locked so she was not out there and she was not on her bed in the living room. I started to think that I missed her so I went back to the bedroom, then the office, back to the living room and then I saw her. Laney is not allowed on the couch. She knows this, but we have noticed lately that she will try to get up on Andy's couch, but usually hops down when she can hear us walking towards the living room. So lately Andy has been putting all of the pillows he can on his couch so that she will not get up there and as you can tell, the pillows are doing there job! I would like to note that when this picture was taken there was not a single pillow or obstacle on my couch.

Busted! The best part is I got two pictures in before she moved. I took the camera into Andy and showed him where she was. His response, "She is a smart dog." What am I going to do with these two. So to show Laney who is boss, this is her punishment!
A couple of days later I took this picture...

Who is punishing who? I laughed so hard at this one. She is an awesome dog and we love her so much!

love always,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane!

No, not me silly. This guy...
He left today to got to Haiti! We are so proud of his selflessness to travel so far away on such short notice to help people that need him and all of his medical knowledge. Most of you know that Bill *ahem* Dr. Broome is a Family Doctor. What you may not know is that one time not too long ago he was listed in a local magazine as one of the top doctors in Knoxville!!!! Yea, he is that good! We are sending our best to Haiti!

Bill is not only a wonderful doctor but he is an amazing husband, father, friend and man. He is always there when any of his family needs him and is willing to watch TV standing up most of the time so that it does not take too much time away from his honey-do list. The rest of the time he watches TV lying down almost under the coffee table. Our theory on this is so that his Honey can't see him easily and send his attention back to his honey-do list! Ha ha, just kidding Amy!

Seriously, he is so giving of his time and I don't think that we tell him often enough for his kindness to his family and to others. He is going to be in Haiti for a week and I am sure that he will return with beautiful stories to tell. Please pray for him while he is gone. Pray that he will be safe, that he will be able to help others physically but also be able to show anyone that he comes in contact with God's love for them. We will miss him this week, but it is awesome to know that he is going to help those that are in need. We love you Billy-boy and can't wait for your stories and your safe return.

love always,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am a Connecticut Fan.

Well the Connecticut Sun (WNBA) that is. That is right. My dear friend and college roommate signed a 3 year contract with the Connecticut Sun after 7 years with the now folded Sacramento Monarchs. The exciting part is that she will be on the East Coast and I will now have more opportunities to watch her play. I wish that she could have been closer, but now I will have a good reason to head up North is summer and see her play. I could not be more proud of her! So without further ado the newest member of the Connecticut Sun.... KARA LAWSON!!!!!!

love always,