Friday, October 15, 2010


We are going to call the following photo PROGRESS!

As most of you know Laney can be... well lets call it... passionate.

It has been a hard adjustment for the Lovely Little Laney to have the new puppy around. She is making progress each day. She even lets the puppy lick her face sometimes. Really the only time that Laney hates to have Addie around is when she is tired. She does not want Addie in her sleeping area (read that the area right next to Andy's side of the bed.)

Addie, well, she just wants to be as close to Laney as possible. In the grainy, camera phone picture above they are both on one bed (see progress) chewing their own bones. It was too cute and I wish that I had captured it with our other camera.

One funny thing that they both do is stealing chew toys from each other. When Laney has something that Addie wants, Addie will get right in Laney's face. Laney will growl and snarl and Addie will act like she is Laney is not making a sound. Then when Laney turns her head at us, as if to say, "Mom and Dad will you please help me. She is in my personal space!" Addie moves in and snatches whatever it was Laney had and chews it herself.

Don't you think that Laney is so innocent. She plays on Addie's puppy qualities. If Addie has something she wants. Laney will go find another toy, any toy and take it near Addie. She will drop it so that it make some kind of a sound. This will totally distract Addie from whatever she had and she will jump up and go see what it was that made that sound. Then Laney will take the toy that Addie just left and usually run off.

It is total chaos in out house and at times, but we love it.

Now.. if only we could get one night of interuppted sleep.

love always,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


of being back here, looking and laughing at this.
Please feel free to ask any questions about the above picture. It has a funny story.
love always,