Thursday, September 23, 2010

sneak peak

St. John was amazing! I was wonderful, hot, relaxing, tiring, exciting, beautiful and tons of fun!! Here is what we woke up to each day! The view is one that I could totally get used to!
We did some hiking and found ourselves here. Behind us is Africa (if you could see that far)!
Some of us did a little of this.... haha, this is one of my favorites from the week!

This is just a taste, I will be back with more. My schedule has been crazy between work, coaching high school soccer and I am about to start my commentating work again this Sunday! If you ever feel sorry for Andy that is wife is gone all the time and you want to fix him dinner I am sure that he will not turn you down. Haha, just kidding.... sort of...

love always,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

baby Broome!

Ha! I got you again! Seriously, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Broome Family!

ADDIE short for Addison

(here is the day we picked her up)

Addie is 7.5 week old Chocolate Lab, just like her big sister!
She is too cute for words, and loves to snuggle!

Those eyes just kill me everyday! She plays hard and then completely crashes!

For those of you that are wondering. Her big sister Laney is doing well. She is not too keen on the puppy but the other day at the lake another dog was picking on Addie and Laney growled at the dog. She is a protective big sister but not quite the lovey-dovey type.

As you can see, this is about as close as she lets the puppy get to her at home!

Addie is trying everyday to learn from Laney. Laney has already taught Addie some of her soccer skills. Addie is going to be a soccer star just like her big sister!

I leave you with this last one. Addie has been a wonderful addition to our family. We love her to pieces. She is getting better at sleeping at night and learning to potty outside. She is so full of energy one moment and the next she wants to be cuddled. The cuddles are so worth all the hard work. She is funny and clumsy. Every morning she jumps off the top step of our backyard stairs and face plants. She just gets right back up like nothing happened and does it again the next morning. She is keeping us laughing all the time. Andy is totally smitten with her. He is so patient and understanding and it has been so much fun to watch.

We love this little girl. I am not kidding that she is the cutest puppy around. Let me know if you want to set up a play date!!!!

love always,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Nashville Wedding

I didn't tell you this before but I flew out of Nashville on my trip to see Kara. So when I returned on that Wednesday from Nashville, I knew that on Saturday I was just going to be turning around and heading right back for an AMAZING wedding reception.

This buddy of mine, Sharon, joined me on the adventure to Nashville, TN to see our good friend and celebrate his wedding. He and his now wife got married the night before at a farm in TN with only their parents present. I really thought about crashing but instead I got all the details when I saw them at the reception.
Here is the OH-SO-HAPPY couple. Jamaal adores Brooke, and I don't blame him. She is so nice. The first time that I met her was at Andy and my wedding. I loved her then and I still love her. I really just love that J loves her so much and that makes me SO happy. Don't you just love his cheesy grin. He did this all night and almost ruined most of my pictures, love you J!
They held the reception behind this old car repair shop- turned blue jean maker. It was really cool. They had a RV pull in that makes the best chicken and fish tacos you have ever had. They were unbelievable.

Then they had another mini-RV that had old fashion popsicles and ice cream. So yummy!

I was so happy to get to see these two and especially Brooke. (When I flew out to CT I stayed the night with J, so we had all ready caught up on everything, but I was dying to see Brooke.) Does she look familiar, well she is a model and sometimes when I turn on my computer she pops up on my screen. She models clothes and it is so fun to play the I-Spot-Brooke-Game!

Here they are again. I just cannot get over how J looks at Brooke. It makes my heart melt!

Me and J! I miss him being in Knoxville!

The wedding reception was amazing and even a little rain could not damper things. They had all sorts of musician play the night away (although he said the marching band that Kelly requested cancelled on him the last min, I am not so sure about that one! Ha) and we laughed and blast. Sharon and I did not get home until about 4am but it was totally worth every min! Jamaal and Brooke, we wish you all the best and a lifetime of happiness! We love you so much and are so lucky to know you!
love always,

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Oh my, I have so much to write about. This summer has really gotten away from me and so much is going on. I can't wait to fill you all in. I must start at the beginning and let you know of each little event.

First things first. At the end of July I had the opportunity to travel north a little. I flew in here... But my final destination was really to Connecticut and here...
The Mohegan Sun Area. You guess it, I was going to see this little lady....

I went up there to hang out with Kara and her husband Damien and watch 2 of Kara's games. It was so much fun and so relaxing. Here is a shot of her with her team before the game. Kara is all the way at the end standing next the mascot.

I just love the start of the games and all the hype that goes with them. Here she is running out as a starter!

I was also able to catch a practice. Kara is hates to loose, even when it comes to drills in practice. They did some shooting game and her team won all of them. Are you surprised, you shouldn't be.

One really neat thing we got to do was get to the games really early. They have an area where the family members of the players can go and eat before, during and after the games. Damien and I chose to go and sit on the bench before the games and watch the players warm up. I thought that was really neat and totally surprised that no one told me to move because I was not supposed to be there. I guess since I was with Damien (and everyone loves Damien - he is just so nice!) they just let me do whatever.
One creepy thing happened. The night of the second game (I had been in CT for 3 days) this guy I had never seen before (and neither had Damien) came up to me from behind. He said, "Are you enjoying your visit?" Since I could not see who it was, I just assumed that it was one of the people that work for the Sun, I just replied, "Yes, thanks!" As I turned to see who it was I realized I didn't know him, nor had met him. Damien looked at me and asked, "Who was that?" I said, "I have no idea, you tell me. I thought you knew everyone!" He said, "I have never seen him before in my life! Crazy, fans know everything!!!"
I was so creeped out that when I went to by a Sun shirt with Kara's name on it I immediately put it on so that I had on a different shirt and maybe, just maybe he would not see me. I never saw him again, but it was so creepy!
On another note, Damien got interviewed by a local TV station about how he and Kara moved to CT and what life is like for him and Kara. He is just the sweetest husband and does so much for Kara. He really is perfect for her and I love him for it!!!
One night while I was there we went this restaurant. The Watch Dog. It was so good. D and I got the tuna and it was to die for.

We were lucky enough to be joined by these two. Coach and Mrs. Thibault. It is Kara's coach and his wife. They are some of the nicest people and have really made Kara and Damien feel at home. It was so nice to get to know them better.

The view from the dock behind the restaurant was beautiful. CT is a really pretty place.

Please ignore my hair. It was so humid up there and this is what happens! Ha! I do love these two so much!

I love this girl. She has been an amazing friend for years. I am so glad that we have remained so close. She is so wonderful and an amazing basketball player. We are hoping that she makes the USA team this year so she can represent the US at the World Championships! She did score the most points in the gold medal game at the Olympics - so in my book that should count for something!!!
So the trip was amazing and I had so much fun with Kara! I can't wait to see her again soon!

love always,