Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally Friday!!!!

So yeah, it is finally Friday! This means that Andy and I get to do what we love best this weekend. We are headed to the lake. One of our very favorite places to be is on the lake. I always refer to us as "lake babies" because we would much rather be on the lake than anywhere else. We went down last weekend to his grandmother's (Hi Meme!) lake house. We were the only people down there and I could not get over how peaceful it was. We hopped onto some rafts and tied ourselves to the red pole and just hung out (well, I slept, but who is surprised at one, that is what I thought) and played with Laney. Our other favorite thing to do on the lake is the 4-man. Andy does not like that I call it that but that is what it is... a 4-man tube. It belongs to our dear friend, Chris Connell. It is the coolest tube that I have ever been on mostly because when I sit in one of the middle seat it is nearly impossible to fall out of it and you still get to go on a really fun ride. Here are some pictures to give you the full effect. We are headed out to the lake this weekend with Chris and some of our friends. The 4-man is on the DL so we have a stand in 2-man tube for now, but I am sure that we will have tons of fun no matter what!!! I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and that you get to have fun!!!! See you next week!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

'Tis the season!!!

Andy and I have had a very busy year thus far. Since our wedding last July we have been to 6 (2 in 2007 and 4 so far in 2008) weddings and have a few more this summer. Our wedding was such a wonderful experience and it is so beautiful to see our friends beginning their married life together. I can honestly say that I love being married and Andy is my perfect match. Our love just continues to grow stronger everyday and we are so excited to see the same love grow with all of our friends and family.
The weddings that we have been to and will go to this year have been all over the country: Knoxville, TN; Sacramento, CA; Birmingham, AL; Atlanta, GA; and Blowing Rock, NC. It is also a great time for Andy and I to catch up with friends that we do not get to see as frequently as we would like. So here is to all the newly married couples of 2008...

4/5/08: Zach and Natalie...
(the photographer who took these pictures is amazing!!!)

4/12/08: Kara and Damien...

4/26/08: Clay and Reagan...

5/17/08: Sarah and Jason..
(picture to come)

6/21/08: Rhys and Jessica
(wedding to happen and pictures to follow)

There are more after this but this is a start. I will update you all with pictures so you will see each couple on their special day!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bugs, bugs everywhere (and no where for me to run!)

So, I was all set to show you pictures from last Friday and our adventure through the (as my mom puts it) mini-tornado that hit our neighborhood with huge wind gusts, tons of rain, and more hail than I have every experienced. I will tell the long version at a later date I suppose. There is a much more pressing story that I must tell...
On Tuesday night I was really tired, but pulled myself off of the couch to go and do some laundry. Laney came with me to the door and I am sure that I was talking to her about how I did not want to do any laundry. I stepped down the stairs and started a load. I turned to Laney who was sniffing around the garbage can that is full of her dog food. Next to the garbage can was the biggest cricket I have ever seen. It was huge. Now those of you that know me understand that I hate crickets, especially the camel or spider crickets that jump so high and scare me!! (I make Andy come and rescue me from the shower and bathrooms when they are in there with me. Andy Laney usually has to join me to do laundry so she can scare them off before I go outside.) For some reason I decided to take a closer look at this monster cricket and held back my scream... momentarily. I got closer and so did Laney. That is when I saw it. The scariest thing that a person can see in there garage, that is attached to their house... What is saw was a giant RED DOT!!! I quickly pushed Laney back into the house and ran into the office to find Andy, saying very loudly, "There is a HUGE black widow spider in the garage!!!" With a roll of his eyes I could tell that Andy did not believe me. I told him, "Oh, you think that I am kidding; wait until you see it!" So we went outside and I showed him where I saw it. What was his response you ask..."Oh my gosh, that is the biggest black widow spider I have ever seen." So for a second I was very pleased with myself, until I remembered that there IS A BLACK WIDOW SPIDER IN MY GARAGE THAT IS ATTACHED TO MY HOUSE!!! It was then that I started to panic. Andy took one look at me and told me to have Laney take me back into the house because I was not helping the situation with my panic. Let's just say that I did not last long in the house. I did not really want to be near the spider but I could not stand to have my wonderful, cricket killing husband in danger where I could not attempt to save him if he needed it. (I know, I know, like I could really do anything, but that is what I was thinking!) Andy wanted to put the nasty, horrible thing into a jar. I wanted to spay it with bleach and GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE! So after we made it scamper a bit. He sprayed it with some bug spray, caught its web on a stick and took it to the driveway where he put the jar on top of it. He then flipped it over using a piece of paper! I know you guys are not going to believe what happened next but it really did happen. I, Cameron Broome, took the paper off the top of the jar and screwed on the lid of the jar. After being chased in the garage, sprayed with bug spray the thing was STILL ALIVE. Through the jar we were able to get a good look at this nasty thing and this is what we saw! No joke. These pictures are from wikipedia but I will take a picture of the one that we currently have in a jar IN OUR GARAGE (I wanted to make it sleep/die on the front porch, but did not win that discussion so it is in the jar in our garage.) Here you go! Note to self... if you ever see one of these don't call me, I will not help you, but my sweet, wonderful husband might...

Friday, May 9, 2008

all about me (well not too much!)

I just turned 27 years old last week and had one of the best birthdays ever! Andy kept saying I don't think that this birthday is ever going to end. We got to celebrate the day for over a week! Thank you everyone!!! The last celebration that we had was dinner with Gigi and Granddaddy! They are two of the sweet grandparents that was part of the marriage deal. My grandparents have both passed away so I feel so lucky to have more awesome grandparents. Gigi and Granddaddy took Andy and me (thanks Mom!) out to dinner and mentioned that they had been reading this blog (Hi Gigi and Granddaddy!) but that I had not filled out my profile and they wanted to know a little bit more about me. So here we go....

4 Jobs that I have had...

1. Teaching assistant at the Knoxville Arts and Fine Crafts Center (loved it!)

2. I am not sure what I was called but I worked at Ladies Choice Fitness Center (hated it!)

3. Case Manager doing in home care for foster and juvenile justice kids, Foothills Care! (loved it!)

4. Executive Assistant for Edsouth!

4 Movies I can watch over and over...

1. Notting Hill

2. Drop Dead Fred

3. Annie

4. Moulin Rouge

4 Places that I have lived...

1. Norman, Oklahoma

2. All over Italy for 2 summers

3. Atlanta, Georgia

4. Knoxville, Tennessee

4 TV shows that I love...

1. anything on MTV (the Hills, RW, RWRR, Rob and Big, Run's House, etc)

2. Grey's Anatomy

3. Lost

4. Deadliest Catch

5. Any reality on Bravo! (I know that was 5 but I love TV, just ask my husband!)

4 Places that I have vacationed...

1. Fripp Island (the best beach in SC by far!!!)

2. St. John (best place on the planet by far!!!)

3. Breckenridge, CO (best place to ski- thank you Sander's family)

4. Meme's Lake house (best place in Knoxville by far!!!)

5. Gigi and Graddaddy's Mountain House (I know again with the 5, but this place is awesome!)

4 Places I would rather be...

1-5. see above for answers

What color are your socks right now? white

What are you listening to right now? computer typing

What was the last thing that you ate? yogurt with granola

Can you drive a stick shift? yes

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? blue/green

Last person you spoke to on the phone? husband

How old are you today? 27

Favorite drink? milk

Have you ever dyed your hair? nope

Pets? Laney and Nelly

Favorite food? chicken

Last movie you watched? Juno

Favorite Day of the year? Now, July 21st!

What was your favorite toy as a child? Cabbage patch kids

What is your favorite season? Summer

Hugs or kisses? Hugs

Got any more questions for me?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

THE BEST of the worst...

So a long, long, long time ago Andy and some of his buddies decided that they should start a basketball team and they didn't have a name. I think that we were all out on the boat and I shouted (you all know how quite I am) out the name "Shock and Awe." Somehow it stuck even when many of the people on the team thought it was not cool. I guess they did not get the memo that I am the coolest person they know... right Andy!

At any rate, Andy and his friends got on a flag football team called, you guessed it, Shock and Awe. (and yeah they do wear cut off camo shirts!) They were somewhat competitive and a little hot-headed (I will protect the innocent here and not mention any names, but to be honest it was pretty much all of the guys!) but I think that overall they had fun! Well, of the millions of teams that were in the league only 19 got to make the tournament. The final weekend of regular season games they guys had to win both of their games. Well they lost the first and won the second so they came in 20th in the league. This is where the BEST of the worst comes in. They were the best of all of the teams that didn't make the tournament. Good job guys!!!
Well, their coach, (Hi Hunter!) decided that he would hold a banquet for the BEST of the worst. Here are some of the pictures. We ate tons of pizza and then it was time for the awards...

Here is Coach Hunter delivering the pre-award speech...

Then came time for the individual awards. The guys were really excited, well some of them at least...

Here is Andy..

then Chris...

then Jeff...

then Carson...

the cheerleaders were all there too!!!

The Banquet Night was so much fun. There was tons of laughter and stories to tell. Can't wait until next year! A big thank you goes out to Emily and Hunter for being our wonderful hosts! Thanks guys!!!