Monday, March 7, 2011

Please Pray!

I am so sorry that it has been such a long time. Thing have been all over the place these last few weeks. I am asking a HUGE favor from all of you who read this blog. I am asking you to pray for our sweet Meme. As I mentioned here that our sweet Meme (Jane) fell last August and broke her hip (and arm). The above picture was taken while she was recovering from that hip surgery. Well in early January she was not feeling well and became dizzy and fell again. This time breaking her other hip. This time things did not go as smoothly for her. There were some complications with blood work and they just left her not feeling well. She was able to have the surgery and transfer to a rehab facility and began to regain her strength. Last Monday she was released from the rehab facility to come home. This is where things seemed to fall apart. Without getting to into what is currently going on with her I will say that by Friday she was readmitted to the hospital. The doctors are uncertain about what is going on with her, but we are all in a state of shock and would really appreciate your prayers. Meme celebrated her 83rd birthday last Tuesday (the day after she came home.)
So, if you could, please pray for Meme to regain her strength and for her doctors to figure out what exactly is going on with her. We would love to have our Meme back at home soon.

Thank you all so much and Meme, we love you more than you will ever know.

love always,