Friday, September 9, 2011

10 years ago.

Why hello there. I know it has been a long time. I have been super busy with work, soccer, being a wife and growing a HUMAN! Haha that is what I say to Andy when I want to get out of doing something these days.
As the days have ticked by I did not want the day to pass when I looked back at where I was 10 years ago. It is hard to turn on the TV without finding one channel or many channels dedicated to something about what happened on September 11, 2001. The day that our whole world changed. I can think of various generations and the dates that they have engraved in their minds on where were you when such-and-such happened. September 11, 2001 is that date for my generation.
Where was I. I remember it was a Tuesday and I just walked out of one of my Political Science classes and was on my way down the hall to my Western Civ. class. I remember hearing someone say something about a plane flying into the World Trade Center, but beyond that I didn't think much about it. Like maybe some small plane made a wrong turn or something totally accidental happened. That was about as much thought as I gave it until I left my class. I remember walking down the hall towards the entrance to the building and there was one TV in the lobby. Everyone was standing around it in shock as all eyes were on New York City. I immediately went home and turned on the TV there and sat for hours watching as the towers were on engulfed in flames and then as they fell. It was shocking, the whole day was shocking. I called a friend of mine that was going to school in Washington DC when I found out that a plane had flown into the Pentagon. She told me that the city was a mess but that she was fine. She had been on her way back from morning soccer practice and luckily was not near where everything happened. I was so relieved to hear her voice and know that she was safe.
I remember later that day, walking into soccer practice at the UT fields and just knowing that things were different. Knowing that life as we knew it would change. In the days following I remember the strangeness of silence outside as all planes across the country were grounded. I also remember hearing the a plane flying overhead for the first time after the attacks and being nervous. Was it going to come crashing down?
As the years have passes it is easy to move one. To accept the new security changes that have become part of our lives. The one thing that I hope to never move on from is how I felt that day. I don't want to forget all of the innocent people that were on their way to work for another ordinary day when the whole world changed at their expense. I don't want to forget all of the people who on that day not only risked their lives, but gave their life to help others. I don't want to forget how as a community and as a country we came together. I just don't want to forget...

love always,