Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Monday

So on Monday I was in a big hurry. I was trying to leave work at 5pm, rush to the grocery store (right next door, thankfully), get all my groceries for the week (somewhat of a miracle if I pulled it off), rush home, put all groceries away, cook dinner, eat dinner, and go and meet Kara for coffee by 7:45. Wow, that just wore me out typing that.

Well everything was on schedule, I left work and headed to the store. It was not quite as busy as I thought it would be and I had a list so I wasn't wandering around the store. The last thing on the list was milk so I quickly grabbed it and was on my way to the check out line. Now, usually I am a buy-what-I-need-for-the-night-kind-of-girl. This works for me most of the time and I get to do my own checking out, which I love. On Monday, I had way to much stuff so I was stuck in a line with a cashier. Not too big of a deal until the kid who was bagging my groceries held up my jug of milk and asked me if I would like my milk in a bag. Just as the words left his mouth the gallon of milk slipped from his hands and came crashing down on the bag thingy. Milk went everywhere and we all just stood there looking at him. He said he was sorry and he quickly ran off to get me another jug. I finished checking out and waited for him to bring the milk to me. Once he returned he handed me the milk and said that he made sure to get me a good date and he apologized again. I told him not to worry and I rushed to get my groceries in the car. As I am packing the groceries into my car, I made sure that I put the milk next to heavy items so that it would not fall over and spill. I did not want milk all over my car.

I got home without and issues and walked around to the back of my car. I opened the tailgate and what fell out first, yep, the milk. It came crashing down on the driveway and milk went everywhere. I just stood there thinking, this did not just happen. 2 gallons of milk have not been wasted on my behalf today. If you know me, then you know that I drink about a gallon of milk on my own each week. It was so sad to see it all go to waste.

I called Andy to tell him not to worry about the big mess that was on our driveway, that it was just milk and the next rain would wash it away. This is what it looked like. So sad...
Another angle...

The good news is that I got dinner cooked and cleaned up and made it in time to see Kara. The day wasn't all THAT bad. I guess the moral of the story is, "don't cry over spilled milk" even if it is 2 gallons. Hee hee hee.

love always,

Monday, January 25, 2010

UTAH 2009

Andy and I just got back from and awesome trip to Park City, Utah. The trip was so much fun and we got to go with some great friends and family Hayes (Andy's cousin) and Todd! If you can remember I took a trip out to Heber City, UT with Andy's family back in 2008 during the summer. This is what it looked like...
The top picture was from the house that we stayed in looking towards Park City. Now for a slightly different look...

The above picture is me standing almost at the top of the Park City Mountain Ski Resort looking down on Heber City, UT. It was so neat to see it from way up there and it look completely different. That little snowy valley is Heber City!
While we were in Park City we decided that we wanted to stay close to town or the Main Street area. We were not sure how this was going to work skiing wise but it ended up being perfect. The picture above is one that I took while Andy and I were riding the Town Ski Lift from the middle of town up to the top of the mountain. It was about a block and a half from our condo (the brick building that looks like it is at the base of the hill) and an easy walk to make to start out day. You also could ski down a slope called Quittin' Time and get back to town. You can kind of see the slop in the bottom right corner.

This is Hayes and me at the top of the mountain. I cannot explain to you the beautiful views that we had from up here. It was amazing and the pictures do not do it justice.

The above picture is one of my favorites and too bad it took it with my phone and it turned out so horrible. This is Andy looking out over a Double Black. I am sure he was thinking about going down it, but I just liked how small we all looked compared to what was all around us. It was amazing and we were all in awe of what we were seeing.

Here we are just taking a few shots before we skied down the mountain.

Hayes and Todd. We love these two and had so much fun. We are so ready for our next vacation with these two!!!

Two nights we got all cleaned up from skiing and went out on the town. Well, we went to dinner to some very nice and yummy restaurants. We did not stay out late because we were all so tired from skiing all day that after dinner we were all ready to head home to relax and get some sleep.

This last picture has a story with it. Todd and Hayes came in a bit earlier this day than Andy and I did. Andy and I wanted to make a few more runs before heading in. We did about 3 runs and then decided to head back to the condo. I let Andy be in charge of the route that we were going to take back. You have to connect a couple of runs and lifts to make sure that you get to the right place. You also have to do all of this before 4pm when all of the lifts shut down. Well we skied over to the beginning of the town runs to make it back. Andy decided to take a "short cut" and do one more black run. Before we started this "last" run, I said I don't think this is right. He assured me that it was so we headed down. It was all moguls so it took me a little longer than it took him. At the bottom I said, I don't think this is right. Then I noticed something. Not only were we on the wrong run, but all of the lifts were stopped. My mouth dropped because I thought that we were going to get stuck at the base of the mountain and it would take forever to get back. Luckily Park City has Night Skiing and had one lift open and it was the one lift we need to get back. We got on the lift and skied down to town and met Hayes and Todd at the bottom. I was so tired and glad to be back when this picture was taken.
We had so much fun on this trip. With Utah about 3 feet short of the normal snow that they have, we were still able to have great skiing and a wonderful time. Hayes and Todd, we can't wait to see you soon and for our warm weather adventure that we are planning for the near future!!!
love always,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Collier

So, Andy and I have some really good friends named Jeff and Emily. We talk about them a lot to other people and often I find myself saying, "oh you know Emily/Jeff of Jeff and Emily!" We spend a lot of time with them and love them both to pieces. I won't even mention that Jeff was never officially invited to our wedding (a mistake that was completely and totally my fault and I take full responsibility) and Andy and I were both in their wedding. I in no way feel guilty about this. (Okay that was a total lie and I will probably feel guilty about not having Jeff at our wedding until the day I die! You always have that one big wedding mistake don't you!)

At any rate, we love the Colliers and truly treasure their friendship. They always talk about how they are never on the blog and I feel bad about that so I wanted to introduce our friends. So without further ado here are our friends, meet Jeff and Emily!

Andy and Jeff were in the finals of their Fantasy Football league and to make the finals more interesting they decided that the loser had to grow a mustache. Guess who lost!! This is my favorite picture of Jeff ever!

love always,

Friday, January 8, 2010

oh so cold

So, we made it home from HHI at around 6pm. I don't think I have ever been so happy to see my home, but it did come with a warning. All day Andy had been warning me that the house was going to be cold. Before we left he shut our water off (thank goodness because I think that all of our pipes would have burst) and turned out heat way down, and possibly off, I am not sure. So, here I am so happy to be home. I rush into the house with some of the stuff from the car and when I get no further than the threshold of our door I am hit with an Arctic Blast. Um, yes, I dare say that it was colder inside our house than it was outside our house where it was a balmy 25 degrees. It was so cold in our house that the temperature setting on our thermostat stopped reading it and was stuck at 40 degrees.
Now, most of you that know me, know that at work when it is 90 degrees outside I will usually have my space heater running. You will hardly ever find me sitting on the couch without a blanket, even in the summer. In the winter at home I ALWAYS have 1-2 blankets and my space heater pointed directly at me at the highest setting it will go wherever I am in the house (usually my couch is where I can be found.) So when this Arctic Blast hit my I almost froze right there. I thought it was not really that big of a deal and Andy HAD warned me, but that was when I thought that it would warm up pretty quickly. We got the fan running at about 6:45 and I thought we were home free, but when 7:30 came around and the house was not getting any warmer and I could not possibly put on one more piece of clothing and still be mobile it was time to do something, anything. I calmly walked into the kitchen where Andy and I started discussing going to either his parents house (they were not home) or his grandmother's house (where his parents were and aunts and uncles and dogs). We knew that we could not leave Laney in the house because she would surely turn to and dog-sicle and since I had not shower that day, rode in a car for 8 hours and had more clothes on me to survive Antarctica (yes it was colder than our house than Antarctica!) it was pretty safe to say that I did not really want to run into anyone I knew, not even family. I was that bad. As the discussion went on, I lost it. I could not contain myself any longer. I turned to Andy and said. "I can't take it. I have been cold all weekend. I sucked it up while we were at HHI, but I just can't take it. I am tired of being COLD!" Then I started crying. Not the pretty cry, but the UGLY one. Do you know what Andy did, yep, he started laughing. You heard me right, laughing.

Now, before you get mad at him I have to admit had I not been so cold that it brought me to tears, I probably would have laughed at me too. I was a mess. He walked over to me and gave me a hug, still laughing, and said let's go to my parents house and warm up. I agreed and we left.

We stayed at Amy and Bill's for about an hour and both just longed to be home. We stopped by Starbucks to cheer me up and headed home. The cheering up lasted about 1 second after we walked in the door. The house, it was just as cold, if not colder than when we left. The hour of warming the house up had not worked and it was still so cold that it would not register on the thermostat. What did I do? I did not loose it again. I did, however, think about it. I just found every blanket in the house, left my new Uggs on, wore 2 pairs of gloves, Andy gave me his hat, got my space heater, and plopped down on the couch and was determined to stay there until the house was warm. Andy told me to go to my mom's house if he could not get the house to start heating up. Well, once he determined that we needed to turn the fan off (it was just blowing more cold air around the house, the house started heating up. By the time that we went to be it made it all the way to 48 degrees and might as well have been a heat wave. We went to bed, I turned on my heated mattress pad (a big shout out to Bill and Amy for giving that to us!) and went to bed. The house was finally warm when we woke up in the morning. I have never in my life been so thankful for heat and a husband that can fix everything, even when he laughs at me through the process.

So I don't leave you without a picture. Andy snapped this one on his phone of me sitting on the couch hoping that our house would one day be warm again.

love always,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

home again, home again

So Andy and I along with some dear friends Jeff and Emily and Chris and Julie went on an adventure to Hilton Head Island to celebrate the new year. We left on Thursday at 6:15 pm to make the trek over to HHI. Um, just so you know the normal 6 hours trip that Andy and I have commented on as being, "no big deal" is now an 8 hour trip that is, "the longest trip of your life!" I say this and I did not drive once on the way over or on the way back. The trip down there was especially hard because it started to sprinkle as we left Knoxville. That was not the bad part. It rained harder the closer that we got to NC and then when we hit Ashville the rain turned to sleet that turned to SNOW and caused Andy to drive slowly. Once the rain ended it rained the almost the entire way to the beach. It was crazy. All of us were exhausted when we pulled into the house at 3am. I am not sure that I have ever been happier to see a king bed in my life. If our car had not been so packed with stuff I probably would have smuggled it back to Knoxville with us. We spent 3 wonderful days at the beach. Andy and I were able to take the pup, Laney, with us and she had a great time fetching a stick in the water and being able to play in the dunes. The only bad part is I did not take one picture of us on the beach. Terrible I know, but we actually did make it down there, I promise. The drive home was not much better. There was barely any room for us to move in the car. Even Laney had a little room. I did think at one point I was going to loose it. I was so tired from being in the car, but I rested for a little while and calmed myself down. I was so happy to see our house when we got home, and then when I walked in the door I was in for one of the longest nights of my life. I will have to tell you about that tomorrow. Here are some pics from our car ride.
How do you know you have been in the car too long? When your dog has the glazed over look too!
This is the only picture of Andy and I from the weekend. On the way home, in the car, picture taken by me!

love always,