Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I know you will not believe it, but

I was the only West High School Girls Soccer Coach that did not get a card last night. Amazing I know. I have always said that I was the "mean" coach and I totally stand by it. Last night was crazy. We played Bearden for the chance to advance on Thursday to the Regional Championship. The game was 0-0 in the first half but shortly into the second half we found ourselves trailing 0-2. Not a fun place to be. Well at some point in the second half the ref called a foul that we though should be against Bearden (and after speaking with the Bearden coach after the game he agreed that it should have been our free kick) well the ref pointed in the direction that would indicate that it was a Bearden free-kick. Well it was at that point that Sonny threw off his hat and yelled at the ref that he needed to start making some calls against Bearden (we had not gotten many calls in our favor last night to include a hand-ball in the box by Bearden, but who is keeping count- obviously not the refs.) Then the ref went on one of his power trips. I was telling a co-worker this morning that it is as if when the refs put on that silly shirt that they wear, that they immediately think that they are always right and will never make an incorrect call. That is where I come in and believe that it is my duty as a former player to make sure that they are sometimes brought down from that high horse that they ride on. Hahaha Well this ref did not like what Sonny had to say, mind you he did point in the wrong direction and had everyone confused. He came over and told Sonny that he had heard enough from him and gave him a yellow card. He then went back out on to the field and pointed in the direction that would indicate that it was a foul on Bearden and a free-kick for West. This guy must have been crazy if he thought that Sonny would get that upset because he called a foul in our favor. The worst part is he is not the worst ref that we have had this season. Well the game ended and we lost 0-3. Totally stunk, but you can't win them all. The best part of the whole night came directly after the game. The other assistant coach, Celeste walked over to the ref to explain what happened. Now you must remember that Celeste deals with high school kids all day long and has the patience of Job. She started to explain herself, calmly I might add, and the ref on that high horse of his had the audacity to put his hand in her face and say that he did not want to hear anything from her. Well that was is it. I think that she called him a jerk, which I think that he totally deserved, if for nothing else, but putting his hand directly in her face, and she turned around and walked away. The only bad part of the whole thing was that she had her back turned when he gave her the red card, because I would have loved to see what she did when he gave her that. I guess I will just have to imagine it. Then later I was talking to some other coaches who happened to be next to where the ref was keeping his things after the game. They said that they heard the ref asked his assistant ref if he made the right call (I am assuming the call where he gave Sonny the yellow card which we have on video where he made the wrong call!) and the assistant ref, who I think had a little brown on his nose, said Oh yes, you made the right call. AHHHHHHHHHH It makes me scream. I hope that we protest the fine that we will get for the red card just because the ref was terrible. Not sure that will go over well but I think that we should anyway.
With all of that said, at the end of the night I was the only one left standing without a card. Bummer... I like getting carded...and I need to keep my reputation in tact here...hee hee hee...

Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay, so here are the pumpkins...

And here they are one at a time...




Now it is time to vote. Just click on the button below this that says comment. It will show you how to leave a comment and you can pick which pumpkin deserves your vote. Just remember what I said about most of you being MY friends and MY family. Hee hee hee! Just a hint... mine was of something that I am terrified of. That is why I did it. I like scary things at Halloween!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

One favor, please!

Okay, so the pumpkin contest went down last night. Andy and I invited our wonderful friends Emily and Jeff over for the contest. They arrived at out house at about 7pm and they brought their cute puppy, Gus, to play with Laney. Well not really play because Gus just had surgery on Monday and he is not allowed to play so they really just tortured their dog by bringing him on a play date when he is not even allowed to play. The funny thing about how Laney and Gus interact is that Laney "talks" to Gus the entire time that he is at our house. She makes this really strange almost howl, almost growl to tell him what he is and is not allowed to do at our house. Let's just say that she does not allow him to do much. They had fun though I think and Gus will have to come back over when they can actually play.
Well the carving got underway just at the Auburn game was kicking off, oh about 7:30. We took the pumpkins out back to do the gutting and then carved them inside while watching the game. The guys were so funny. They did not enjoy the gutting process, too icky for them I guess. Emily and I just got to work and come to think of it I don't think that either of us complained once... hahaha.
I have to remind all of you that Emily is considered a professional pumpkin carver in some circles. Granted those circles are small, hahaha just kidding Em. We all got out our patterns and got to work. I was the first to start cutting but not the first to finish. Andy and Jeff were the first to finish so they could watch the game. Then I was done. Emily, she took a bit longer then the rest of us. She did not finish until about 11:30pm. We were joking the whole time that she was going to still be cutting this morning when Andy and I got up for work. Her pumpkin is very detailed and really cool. (not as cool as mine and Andy's because we want to win you see)
I told Andy, Jeff and Emily that I would post the pictures on the blog (and one video if I can figure it out!!!) and this is where the favor comes in. I would like all the tens of my readers to vote on which pumpkin you think is the best and that will be the way that we choose a winner. I don't have my camera with me so I will post them sometime this weekend so check back. Just a friendly reminder, if you are reading this then you are probably MY friend or MY family so keep that in mind when you vote. Hee hee, I am not competitive at all I know. I really think that they all turned out well and I can't wait to show them to you!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the winner is...

To be honest, we have not had the contest yet. But bring it on! On Thursday Andy and I will be competing in a pumpkin carving contest. (let's just call it the First Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest- I will try to come up with a better name later!) There are only 4 of us in this contest and if you know Jeff and Emily and you know Andy and I, then you understand why there might just be blood involved... hahaha. Andy and I are very competitive (I think that is the understatement of the year) and Jeff and Emily are as well so to pit us all against each other might just not be the best idea ever, but we are sure to have a blast. Usually we do boys v. girls because there is nothing better when girls get the best of the boys, plus Emily and I make a great team and it is fun to trash talk the guys. This time, however, it will be Andy and me v. Emily and Jeff. The gloves are off and they are going down... I can't tell you what Andy and I have in store for our pumpkins, but I will just tell you now that we will not loose.

The contest will be on Thursday, we though fitting since Auburn is also playing (Andy and Emily both went to Auburn and let's just say that Emily kind of likes Auburn Football, just a little!) so we thought that it would be fun to watch the game and carve our pumpkins at the same time. I will keep you posted on who the winner of the carving is and I will take some pictures of the finished pumpkins.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I cannot get enough...

This is Reece. She is our goddaughter. She is wonderful. She is cute. I get to hug her and kiss her cheeks. Life does not get much better than that.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I am a Railsplitter!!!!

Well, not really but my brother-in-law is. Andy and I are heading up to Harrogate, TN to the LMU campus tomorrow because Jeff is getting is WHITE COAT!!! Jeff is in DO school (medical school) at LUM and we are so proud of him. We are so happy that we will have another doctor in the family (currently we have 3) that will be able to take care of us so we won't have to go to our "real" (read that not family) doctors. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and all of us will be heading up there to celebrate Jeff's accomplishments!!! The picture is of Jeff and his sweet wife, Danielle! We were in Sundance, UT and were headed up the ski slopes to do some Mountain Biking. This picture was taken pre-crash... I will leave it at that.
After we go up there we will head on to the game. We will see what UT will produce, and yes, I am a Volunteer!!! I bleed ORANGE!!!! GO VOLS!!!!