Friday, July 31, 2009


I just realized that I have some stuff to update you on, but I have just been too L.A.Z.Y. and I am sorry for that. Here is one from yesterday. Andy and I kept Reece again yesterday (I know you are starting to think that this blog is for her and that she is ours. We just love her and kids do the funniest things, so here she is again!)

When we were on our way back to her house we always cross a train track. We were lucky enough to be the first car waiting for it to pass. I love in this video how she keeps looking back and forth (like a tennis match) and she is so in awe that she doesn't say much. I love when she says whooo when I ask her what the train says. She says in really quietly so you will have to listen. Without further ado.....

love always,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2 years

It has been exactly 2 years since this day!
It is hard to imagine that it has been that long. What a great day it was, great weather, amazing family and friends, wonderful food and fabulous entertainment. The best part of this day 2 years ago was that I got to marry my best friend. I love him more and more each day and am so excited for our lifetime together. He is more than I ever could have imagined and I am truly the luckiest girl in the world. I love you Andy!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Little bit country!

I mean seriously!!! She is too cute for words. And sorry about me turning the video, I am an idiot. The first time she says it is the best anyway.

love always,

Birthdays, Father's Day and BEACH!!

Here is the post you have been waiting for. We arrived at the beach on a Sunday and guess who had a birthday that day. This handsome young man. (He is getting ever so closer to an old man now that he is a year away from the BIG 3-0!)

Since we were driving to the beach that day I did not have time to get him a cake and all that jazz. So it was a somewhat "quiet"(the restaurant we ate in was no so quiet) celebration and we had brownies for his dessert celebration!
The funny thing was that I took the brownies almost straight out of the oven and put the candles in and did not think anything of it. As you can see in the picture the candles were falling over. Andy is holding them up in one hand for this picture. The bottoms of the candles started to melt and left wax deep into the brownies. I thought it was kind of funny. Here he is fixing (getting the wax out) of his own birthday cake. I am a terrible wife, I know!!!!
Well, this year Andy's birthday fell on Father's Day. So we celebrated it also. Here is Bill opening some of his presents. Can you guess who this one is from?
Here is Amy and Bill dancing the night away. Too cute!
This is the view off of our back porch. So pretty. Andy took this picture.
This is how we spent our beach trip. This is why we go to the beach. To sit and read and listen to the ocean. As soon as we got in the car to go home we were both wishing that we were back at the beach doing this.
I think that this is my new favorite picture. For today anyhow. Both of us sitting side-by-side in the sand. We were probably reading, but mostly relaxing. Just what we needed.

The last day at the beach. Andy's parents and sister had headed back to the house. Andy and I watched a wedding happen just down from us. It was so sweet. The same thing happened to Andy and I on our honeymoon at St. John. It was nice to be at the beach and thinking of memories from our honeymoon.Well, this was the beach trip. It was so much fun, so relaxing and just what Andy and I needed. It was great to spend time with his family as everyone came and went on different days. I hope that you all got some time away from your "normal" days to get to relax.

love always,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Happy...

this is usually followed by Birthday from our very special Gigi! Today however I am going to follow it up by ANNIVERSARY!!! Today is Gigi and Granddaddy's 58th wedding anniversary! Wow 58 years, that is amazing. We had dinner recently with them to celebrate Andy's birthday. Granddaddy said that he and Gigi agreed to be married 50 year and now they are just month to month. Andy and I just about died laughing. I guess that is how they do it. They keep on laughing.

Gigi and Granddaddy,

We love you so much and feel so lucky to have you in our lives. You are an inspiration to all of us and we want you to know how much we love you individually and together as our grandparents. We could not wish for anything better. We love our dinners at Sullivan's, our birthday poems, hikes in the mountains, family gatherings, watching you clog, and walking me down the isle. There are so many memories!!! We love you, thank you for being the wonderful grandparents to all 14 of us!!

love always,

Monday, July 13, 2009


So I promise to put up some pictures from Andy's birthday at the beach. We had a wonderful trip and I just put the pictures on my computer and realized that there were some good ones. So that will be the next post.
Today's post is about karma and how it came back to bite me. So last Thursday Andy and I had Reece. She was wonderful and we had so much fun. Tori was at a dinner so when I took Reece home for a bath, Tori was not back yet. When we got to the house I waked to Reece's car door and got her out and then got her car seat out. (Here is a shout out. If anyone has a car seat that they are no longer using, please let me know. I would love to "borrow" it for the days that I keep Reece so we will not have to switch out the car seat anymore. It is a pain.) I had Reece in one arm and I was carrying the car seat with the other. Walking through Tori's yard I saw that someone had put a rubber snake in her yard. Funny joke, and I was not amused. I stepped over it and walked to the porch. Just as I set the car seat down I thought, was that really a rubber snake? Now do you remember this post:

So I go back to the rubber snake and it looks like just that, a rubber snake. So I kicked it. Did you hear me? I KICKED IT! The darn thing turned around and looked at me. Yep, it was NOT a rubber snake but a real one!!!! I screamed the S-word (a couple of times) and took off running with Reece in my arms. We ran straight into the driveway only to run into a dead squirrel. (Thankfully Scott came over and took care of the squirrel for Tori! Thanks Scott!) Then I ran to my car. Not sure what I was going to do there but I had to collect myself. Once I calmed down, Reece and I ran back to the house and quickly closed the door.

Once inside I gave Reece a bath and put her to bed. When Tori got home I had to tell her that I cussed in front of Reece and that I felt bad. Reece did not repeat it, but I don't want to be a bad example for her. Tori said it was fine and was definitely more concerned about the fact that there was a snake in her yard. I was just glad that it was in her yard and not mine and in a few minutes I was going to head back to my house-a snake free zone!

I got home and told Andy the story. He laughed and told me that it is silly of me to be so scared. Blah, blah, blah. I am scared, still.

Well on Sunday morning, Andy and I got up to go to early church so that we could head on up to the Mountains to go tubing with his family. As I was getting dressed he called me to put something on and come outside. I quickly grabbed my robe and followed him out of the garage to the front of our house. He told me to walk up on the porch. I didn't, but said, "what is up there." I was thinking that there was a HUGE spider and we all know how I feel about spiders. This is what I saw.

Can you see it? Let me get you a little closer...

Sill can't see it? Hmm, what about now...?
I know, I know, can you believe it. A SNAKE AT MY HOUSE, the snake-free zone. A string of cuss words flew from my mouth because I was so scared and I was standing a good 40 feet away. Andy just laughed, but he walked out the front door moments before and when he was walking back in this is what he saw. He said that it surprised him and he jumped when he first saw it. I tried to get him to kill it but he went on and on about how it would kill mice and that was better. I don't want spiders, crickets, mice and especially SNAKES at my house. None, not one please. The snake was resting on the lip of our porch and coming down the brick of our house. I have chills just writing this.

I had to go back inside to get ready and when we left for church 20 min later this is what we saw. It was moving closer to our door. I just about had a heart attack. We just left it and I prayed that it would not get in our house. Andy said that he thinks that it was about 5 feet long stretched out. That is just a 1/2 a foot shorter than me. So gross!

A few weeks ago I mentioned on a post about nesting. Well, Andy and I have two ferns that hang on our porch. You can see them above. Well a Robin had made a nest and laid some eggs in the nest and we were checking them daily to see if they had hatched. Well one morning I got up and the eggs had fallen out of the nest and some were broken on the porch. I called Andy to tell him the bad news. I was so sad. I thought that maybe one of the storms that came threw tossed them out of the nest, although we did see some feathers scattered. Well, thanks to our little visitor we now think we know what happened. This guy got our eggs. The worst part about thinking that this snake got the eggs is that this means that he has been to our house before, AND IS BACK! Eek! I do not like the sound of that.
So if anyone knows of a good snake exterminator, let me know!!! I cannot live in fear of walking on my porch, like I have been for the last 24 hours. I made Andy check everywhere before I walked up there yesterday. I ran off of it this morning once I locked the door.
I hope you all have a great week and don't run into any snakes!!!

Love always,

Monday, July 6, 2009


So, once a week Andy and I get to take care of this little doll...
Is she not the cutest thing you have EVER seen. She is so much fun and SO good. She hardly ever cries and is happy and smiles all the time for me. We pick her up for daycare and bring her to our house where we play, feed her (sometimes we let her feed herself),give her a bath, get her pj's on and then we take her home to mom. This is so she has a chance to have some Mom time during the week while Dad is overseas. We love doing it more than I think that Tori enjoys a few moments off. It is so precious to get to spend time with her and let her get to know us.

Check out those curls, so cute!!

This is one that I got of the two of us. Not the best picture and I will work on that, but I love it all the same.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

promises of wedding day pictures

I really should not make blog promises. Here the pictures are a day late. Their story begins here with a day that we will never forget. This is the beginning of a lifetime together... as one. To Scott and Megan!!!

The morning started off with everyone getting their make-up done. Here is Megan with Patty (I went to high school with Patty and it was nice to catch up with her for a bit. She was awesome!!!)
Here is Danielle putting on Cally's make-up. If you can't afford Patty call Danielle. She is equally as awesome!
Here is Amy getting ready! I think that she will go on record this day as taking the longest to get ready. She got her make-up done and then she was interrupted, got hair done followed by more interruptions, finally she was about to get dressed up and you guessed it, more interruptions! It was well worth the wait. She looked beautiful!!!
Here is a sneak peak of the dress. The sweet sisters!!

Hair time!!!!

Now that Meg is ready she was loaded up in the photographer's car and off to take some pictures. I will not lie. This made me so nervous, but make for a great picture. The day was beautiful as was Megan.
After pictures we went back to the cabin where Cally gave Megan a gift. Cally had collected letters from all of Megan's friends and made a book with tons of pictures. It was so thoughtful and sweet. Here she is checking out the book.
Pictures in the cabin!! Me, Hayes, Megan, Cally and Danielle.
Here is Megan with the ring bearers Hayden and Hunter. So cute!!
Mr. and Mrs. Broome also known as Amy and Bill. These are Meg's parents just getting the finishing touches on. I told you that Amy looked beautiful and Bill was so handsome! What a cute couple!!!Just about this time it got a little dark and windy outside. Just as we began praying it started to rain and rain hard. Here we all are gathered around Megan praying for the rain to stop but most importantly praying for Scott and Megan and their marriage. This day was not going to be dampened with a little rain. I am going to mention that once it was raining, we were told in a not so nice way that there was not going to be any way that Megan and Scott could get married outside even if the rain stopped. I wish that I could have video taped the events following this. Megan's family (brothers, sister, parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and even some vendors) all went to bat for Megan. They stood their ground and fought for Megan to have the day that she dreamed of. We did end up having it inside, but not before we all got to see how much everyone loved Scott and Megan. I will never forget seeing people running through the rain, without even thinking about it, to make sure that all was going to be done for Meg. Our family is fiercely loyal and protective of our own. :)
To brighten Megan's mood someone put on some music and all of the people in the cabin started to sing to Megan. It was sweet and funny and got her smiling again!!!
From here we went to the inside venue. Megan and Scott got married in a beautiful ceremony filled with a room full of people who love them so much. Andy said that he looked out and saw about 30 women crying. I was one. This last picture might be my favorite of the day. Here Scott and Megan are in their first dance. One that for a moment we did not think was going to happen because there was no power when we got to reception hall. It was a stressful moment, but eventually the power did come on and they were able to have their first dance as man and wife. I love how their heads are together. I can just feel the peace that they feel when they are in each other's arms. So happy, calm and secure. Every time I look at this picture I tear up.
I fell like I have said it a thousand times, but I will gladly say it a thousand more. We love you Scott and Megan and can't wait for the lifetime of memories that we will share in the future. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.
love always,